3 Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error 557

Method 1). Use System Restore in Windows

  • Enter the system for the first time with your Administrator User ID and password.
  • Next, select Accessories by clicking the Windows Start button. Finally, tool Systems >>> Restore the system.
  • Choose a restore point that you previously created or one that was generated automatically (the most recent one)
  • Next, click the System Restore to begin, and then wait.
  • You must restart your system after System Restoring is complete.
  • Finally, restart your QuickBooks software when the restore process has been completed successfully.

Method 2). Run a complete Malware Scan on your PC

  • Launch the system, then enter “Command” in the search field.
  • Ctrl + Shift keys, followed by Enter, are pressed.
  • The Control Panel will now be visible to you.
  • Then When the run dialogue box appears in front of you after you click Yes, type “Regedit” into the search bar and click OK.
  • Selecting the error-related key in Record Editor is the next step.
  • Export can be found in the file menu.
  • The next step is selecting a folder to store the QuickBooks Backup Key.
  • Inside the file box name, give the system file a name.
  • Ensure that the export range box has the desired branch selected.
  • When you click “Save,” a file with the extension “.reg” will be created.

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Method 3). Try This Solution If the Above Doesn’t Resolve the Error

  1. Launch your computer and enter a command in the search box first.
  2. You can launch a recording device with a flashing cursor by holding down the Ctrl and Shift keys while pressing Enter on your computer. This will bring up the Permission Panel.
  3. You must then type “Regedit” and press the Enter key.
  4. The next step is to choose the key associated with error 557 in the written record editor.
  5. When finished, choose Export from the File menu.
  6. In the Save In List window, select the folder where you wish to stop spending the QuickBooks backup key.
  7. Type the name of your computer file in the File Box name field.
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