Method 1. Troubleshoot Chrome Problem

  • Internet cookies are known for causing problems with applications, including QuickBooks.
  • Log out of the bank’s website on every computer connected to the network and run QuickBooks Desktop.
  • For each user account from which you might have accessed QuickBooks and the bank account, delete the browsing history and erase the cache.
  • Try to access the information from QuickBooks by logging onto the bank account through the internet.

Method 2.Update Financial Institution Data

  • QuickBooks Desktop cannot retrieve the bank account information when there is a difference in the data. Therefore, ensure the information you entered into QuickBooks matches the bank information.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop, then select the Tools menu item.
  • Choose Online Center from the menu, then pick your bank’s financial institution from the list.
  • Select the Contact Info by pressing the keys on your keyboard Ctrl and F3.
  • Make the necessary updates, set the profile and branding information to “needs updating,” and click “Update/Send.”
  • If asked, enter the password.
  • Select Update Now, then enter the data.
  • Access the bank account by logging in, then try to access the data from QuickBooks. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you might have to

Method 3. Repair Windows Registry

Apply these easy solutions to fix Quickbooks Error code 179. All the mentioned solutions are easy and helpful to use without any trouble. 

  • The settings and options for QuickBooks Desktop are kept in the Windows Registry. Therefore, making a backup and restoring the software might sometimes fix the issue.
  • Enter Regedit in the command prompt to launch the Register Entry in Windows.
  • Click Export from the context menu when you right-click the Computer icon to back up the whole Registry.
  • This will produce a backup of all installed software, including QuickBooks programs like QuickBooks Pro, in the backup folder with an .reg file extension.
  • The .reg file from the Registry Editor should be restored.
  • Launch QuickBooks once more to see if the issue still exists.
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