QuickBooks users come across a variety of error codes. While some errors are linked with the Company file issues, others are linked to a damaged installation files, sparking the installation errors. Although these are the main broad domains to which the technical errors are linked, there are other scenarios as well when the error can be observed. Within the ambit of the current discussion, we shall be focusing on Payroll Error PS058 in QuickBooks, another error belonging to the series of installation/update error codes. This error is mostly encountered by users when updating QuickBooks payroll. The main focus of this discussion is to make users aware about the various sources of QuickBooks payroll Error Code PS058 and the multifarious strategies for resolving it.

QuickBooks Error PS058 – What causes this error?

Are you puzzled about the sources of this QuickBooks payroll update error? Well, there are a handful of potential contributors to this error. Some of the most common ones are mentioned below:

  • The QuickBooks installer got damaged due to some corrupted.
  • Files associated with the Windows Components (including .NET Framework, MSXML) got broken down due to multiple causes.
  • Firewall or Security programs that generally blacklist unauthorized programs or potential threats may have blocked QuickBooks for some reason.
  • The internet connection might be poor.
  • The latest installation of QuickBooks was not done properly due to sudden computer shutdown or due to other reasons.

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What strategies can Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058?

After traversing the various causes that contribute to this update error PS058 in QuickBooks Payroll, it’s now time to go through, and perform the various steps for fixing this error to nullify any technical hindrance encountered previously during the update process.

Strategy 1: Accessing the qbwin.log file to identify the source of this error

  • The first and the foremost process requires the user to run QuickBooks as an administrator and once the program is open, hit the F2 key. This action will directly open the Product Information Window.
Run your QuickBooks as Administrator - Image
  • While this comprehensive window depicting the Product details is still open, the user should tap on the F3 key.
  • The following step requires clicking on the Open File tab, and subsequently, double-click on the qbwin.log file.
  • Follow up by pressing the Ctrl and F keys at once to unravel the Find box.
  • Within the Find box, the user should type in “error code PS058”, or “error PS058”, or “PS058”.
  • Once located, look for the source of the error and follow the apt troubleshooting steps to fix the ongoing issue.

Strategy 2: Running the file namely “reboot.bat”

Reboot.bat is a batch file located in the QuickBooks folder. Double-clicking the file will initiate certain processes in the command prompt window. The ultimate aim of these processes is to restart all the processes linked to QuickBooks again. This can potentially fix the Payroll Error PS058. Below is the walkthrough to run the file:

  • To start with, the user should access the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl + Alt +Delete keys all at the same time.
  • Next, he/she needs to open the Task Manager, following which, the next step is to tap on the Process tab.
End task (QuickBooks.exe) - Image
  • A long list of active processes will be revealed in this tab. Here, the user is required to scroll down to choose all the QB-related processes and terminate them one by one.
  • The next step required tapping on the Start button and subsequently typing reboot.bat. Alternatively, the user can right-click the QuickBooks icon to choose Properties, following which, he/she should opt for the Open File Location tab. “Reboot.bat” file can be located in this folder.
Run ‘reboot.bat’ file - Screenshot
  • Upon locating this batch file, the subsequent process requires double-clicking on the file to start a stray of ray of processes in the command prompt. Allow the process to operate without tempering with it.
  • When all is done, the user should once again run QuickBooks and try the update process one more time.
  • This should fix the QuickBooks error message PS058 in the majority of the cases.

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Strategy 3: Checking the status of the Payroll Subscription

Are you unsure about your QuickBooks payroll subscription status? Well! You should be aware of the fact that an inactive Payroll subscription can trigger such error. So, perform the following steps to check the status.

  • As always, start off by launching QuickBooks with admin authority.
  • Follow up by tapping on the F2 key once to open the Product Information Window.
Product Information - Image
  • Herein, the user can easily check the Subscription status by paying heed to the information contained in this window. If the Subscription is inactive/expired, then it is the right time to activate the subscription. An easy process, the subscription activation can be done by adhering to the following steps:
  • Upon opening QuickBooks Desktop, the user needs to advance to the Employee tab.
  • Thereafter, he/she is required to make a move to My Payroll Service option, and following that, hit on the Account/Billing Info.
My Payroll Service - Screenshot
  • The next step requires typing in the correct Intuit login credentials for signing in to the account.
  • When successfully signed in, the user should tap on the “Re-subscribe” button which is located in the “Status” section.
  • Abide by the subsequent set of instructions that show up and get the Payroll subscription reactivated. Once done, restart QuickBooks and try again to update the accounting program.

Strategy 4: Trying the QuickBooks update process manually

If all the foregoing methods seem futile in the pursuit to fix Error PS058, the user should go for the manual update process which is possible by performing the steps contained in the brief walkthrough provided below:

  • First, navigate to the official Intuit website upon running the Browser.
  • Follow up by heading to the Download page and then opting for the QuickBooks Product and version year.
Download and Updates - Image
  • Now, head for the downloading of the update, and once it is downloaded, double-click the .exe file to initiate the installation of the update in the manual mode.
  • Although this is not a direct troubleshooting technique, it can bypass Error PS058 in QuickBooks.

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The multiple strategies for troubleshooting QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 encapsulated in this article should be helpful for users. In case of any technical intricacy, feel no hesitation in reaching out to our QuickBooks payroll error support experts at 1-800-615-2347.


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