Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6189  With Quick Steps

Relocating the Company file to the local hard drive

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Methods to Eliminate the QuickBooks Error Message 6189

Step 1: Moving the company file to an external local hard drive can effectively eliminate the error.

Step 2: There is always specific permission required to open the company file. Multi-hosting on the company file can lead to frequent errors, so avoid this problem. You can save the program files as a backup on the external drive..

Step 3: Now proceed to shift the data to the external drive with the help of this tool and ensure that you do not disconnect the USB drive until it's completely transferred.

Step 4: There are two advantages to this: first, you can create a backup which can be helpful if you need to delete the company file for a while. Second, it will terminate the permission for the other computer hosting the company file.

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