Method:- Reset the system’s date and time

One of the major reasons behind the occurrence of such an error can be the misconfigured date and time of the computer system. This can also be resolved using some set of steps. So as to rectify the issue by configuring the root cause, you are supposed to perform the set of steps:

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Step 1: You need to start off by visiting the clock on the right bottom of the system’s screen.

Step 2: The next step is to right-click the mouse.


Step 3: You are further required to pick the adjust date and time option that would appear after you perform the steps stated above.

Step 4: Heading forward, you would have to specify or select the current date, along with the current time.


Step 5: Under this method, you would further have to close the screen. This can be done by hitting the OK tab, once the date and time are configured to the current time.

Step 6: Once you are done with these steps, close the QuickBooks desktop software.


Step 7: You further need to reopen the QuickBooks.

Step 8: At last, run the QuickBooks update again and observe whether the error 12157 got rectified in a proper manner.

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