What to do when QuickBooks can’t find company file?

Quick steps to fix unable to find company file in QuickBooks issue

Solution 1: If you are accessing the QuickBooks file saved locally on the same system

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Process 1: Look for all the company files

You might have to head to the server system and then perform search for all company files by typing one of the following into the search bar. Also note that, you need to ensure to include the Asterisk, before the extension type to ensure the search works correctly. The file extensions include:


1. *.qbw (Working files) 2. *.qbb (Back up files) 3. *.qba (Accountants Copy Files) 4. *.qbx (Accountant Transfer Files) 5. *.qby (Accountant changes files)


Process 2: Opening the file in QuickBooks

Step 1: Herein, you would have to open the company file or an accountant’s copy

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a. From the file menu, choose open or restore company.

b. You are then required to choose open a company file and hit Next tab.


c. Pick the company file.

Step 2: You are then required to restore the backup of .qbb file extension


d. And choose the open tab.

a. You would have to opt for open or restore company from the File menu.


b. Choose the restore a backup file and hit the next tab.

c. You need to choose the local backup.

d. And opt for the company file and hit next.


e. You would have to opt for the location where the restored file is to be saved.

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