How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Won’t Open or doesn’t start Error?

Quick Steps To Fix This Error

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Use a different folder location to open the file

Step 1: Press Windows and E keys simultaneously.

Step 2: Find the data file with the .qbw file extension

Step 3: If you are looking for a location on a network server, check the network drive where the file is stored.

Step 4: After spotting the file, right-click on it and copy it (ctrl+c).

Step 5: Head for C drive and make a new folder

Step 6: Give a new name to the folder, for example, QBTEST

Step 7: Now, access the newly created folder and paste (ctrl+v) there

Step 8: Find Open or Restore and Existing Company and check QBTEST in C drive.

Step 9: Access the company file in the QBTEST folder

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