QuickBooks error H202 appears when you turn on the multi-user mode. In the multi-user mode, when a user loses access to a company file present on another system, this error shows up.

The Causes of QuickBooks Error H202 Are:

  • QuickBooks doesn’t have access to the Host or server’s IP address.
  • When the DND settings need to be formed correctly.
  • Windows firewall has blocked the server that exchanges company data with QuickBooks.
  • The damaged data file (. ND) is in the system, which stops the access of QuickBooks database files.
  • Some QuickBooks services like QuickBooksDBXX or QBCFMonitor aren’t running in the background of your system.
  • The database server manager of QuickBooks includes some issues.

The Symptoms of QuickBooks Error H202 Are:

  • When you can’t switch to the multi-user mode,
  • The appearance of an error code and error message on your screen.
  • QuickBooks starts freezing.
  • After a few attempts, you cannot open the company file from another system.
  • The performance of your operating system is laggard.

Solutions for QuickBooks Error H202 Are:

Authenticate QuickBooks Services.

Ensure the server runs the full version of QuickBooks desktop to stop QuickBooks error H202. To authenticate the QuickBooks services, open the run window and type services. msc. After that, choose QuickBooks DBXX and check if the following options are enabled: Automatic and Running in the Startup type and Service status, respectively. Then choose to Restart the service in all the options on the recovery tab, and you are done.

Ping The Server From a Workstation.

You need to ping the server from every workstation that is facing the same kind of error. You can do it by going to the Network and sharing center and choosing Turn on network discovery.

Test Network Connectivity.

This step will get you back to the workstation. You can test the network connectivity by going to the run window and typing CMD. ping_your server’s name. If the response is slow or you lost a packet, your network has some issues.

Run QuickBooks File Doctor.

You can use QuickBooks file doctor for troubleshooting QuickBooks error H202. To use this tool, you must download the QuickBooks tool hub from the official website of Intuit. In addition, you will find QuickBooks file doctor in the Company file issues. While it is difficult to find the company file, then locate it manually and continue with diagnosing the file by providing QuickBooks login credentials.

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