Internet Explorer is required when it is already installed Warning in QuickBooks

Internet Explorer is required when it is already installed Warning in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Desktop is exemplary and unmatched accounting software that has attested to its usefulness by delivering innumerable accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses. However, what cannot be overlooked is the spate of ever-evolving and recurring technical snags encountered while working with the QuickBooks software. One such error in QuickBooks shows up when the Internet Explorer is required when it is already installed on your system, which usually requires you to upgrade the Internet Explorer browser.

Such error can be extremely annoying, leading to unwelcome delays in the submission of work and forcing you to wander on the net in search of troubleshooting avenues to fix the same. However, we are here to assist you in the most convenient way. This blog shall make sure that this error gets resolved in the next couple of minutes. Make sure to read it carefully till the very end.

If you feel that the contents require technical proficiency and you cannot implement them on your own, then reach out to our technical support team through the helpline i.e., 1-800-615-2347. As an alternative, you can also reach out to our team through the live chat option available on our website. Our team will perform the troubleshooting on your behalf. So, without wasting any time, let us march forward.

The version of QuickBooks desktop requires Internet Explorer - Image

Internet Explorer is Required Warning: Causes Behind the Warning

Some conspicuous causes may trigger the error. These include:

  • Internet Explorer browser is not updated to the latest version.
  • Damaged/Corrupted essential QuickBooks files
  • Poor internet connectivity

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Effective Steps to Fix Internet Explorer is Required When it is Already Installed Warning in QuickBooks

This section entails all the practical troubleshooting steps arranged sequentially. As a necessary prerequisite, you must follow all the steps in the same sequence.

Step 1: Check the current version of Internet Explorer on your computer

In the inception, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of the browser installed on your system. If not, then it is the principal cause behind the error and requires you to upgrade the browser to its latest version. Follow the steps below to check your version of the Internet Explorer browser:

  • First, launch the Internet Explorer browser.
  • Subsequently, hit on the Gear icon. As an easy alternative, you can hit the Alt + X keys together on the keyboard. This shall open a drop-down list.
  • Choose the About Internet Explorer option.
About Internet Explorer - Image
  • From the dialog box that shows up on the screen, check the version of the browser. If you have a version older than Internet Explorer 11, then update the browser. To let the browser update automatically in the future, hit on the Install new versions automatically checkbox.
  • However, if you already have the latest version (Internet Explorer 11), then follow the subsequent step.

Step 2: Edit the qbw.ini file using Notepad

  • Close the Internet Explorer browser.
  • Afterward, proceed to the destination ‘C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks.
  • Herein, locate the qbw.ini file and hit a right-click on it.
  • Choose the Open With option.
  • From the list of programs to open, hit a click on Notepad and subsequently choose OK.
  • Upon opening the file through Notepad, you are required to scroll down and search for the [Misc] section.
  • Once located, you need to delete the following line: IEVersionOverride=600
IEVersionOverride=600 - Image
  • After deleting the portion, hit on the File menu, followed by choosing the Save option.
  • All the changes are thus saved. Follow it up by closing the Notepad.

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Step 3: Make use of the QuickBooks Tool Hub

The QuickBooks Tool Hub is a commendable tool that has far-reaching benefits when it comes to rectifying an innumerable number of technical intricacies and error codes in the QuickBooks software. It can also assist in fixing the Internet Explorer required when it is already installed warning. Follow the steps below to use this exceptional tool:

  • Download and Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub through the official website of Intuit.
  • Upon downloading the file, save it to a desirable location.
  • Double-click on the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file to initiate the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and conclude the process by accepting the Terms and Conditions.
  • Once the installation is finished, launch the tool by double-clicking on its Desktop icon.
  • Head to the Program Problems tab.
  • Follow it up by choosing the Quick Fix my Program option.
Run Quick Fix My Program - Screenshot
  • Let the scan initiate and check for any issues related to the QuickBooks software. The process may take a while.
  • When completed, restart the computer and open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Verify if the error got fixed.

Concluding lines..!

Although Internet Explorer 11.0 is required when it is already installed error doesn’t involve any technical proficiency to get it wiped off from your system. However, there may still be an instance wherein you may feel a need for technical assistance. Reach out to our QuickBooks technical support team for indomitable customer support.

Our team of certified experts endeavors to make the QuickBooks software error-free. So, reach out to us through the helpline, 1-800-615-2347. We offer 24/7 support services to our revered users.


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How to Recover Lost QuickBooks Data File from a Hard Drive?

How to Recover Lost QuickBooks Data File from a Hard Drive?

Have you lost your QuickBooks data file and are now looking for a comprehensive guide to recover lost Quickbooks data from hard drive? Well, if that is the scenario, then we have got you covered. This piece of writing will brief you with the right set of steps to recover lost QuickBooks data file from a hard drive. Losing the data file is one of the most annoying issue one might land into. It is always recommended to create backup files frequently and hard drive is one of the best ways to store the files. You can get a better grip on to recovering the lost QuickBooks data file from a hard drive by going through this segment.

Whereas, if you aren’t interested in manually performing the set of steps for recovering QuickBooks data from a hard drive, then connect with our professionals today. Our tech personnel will be more than happy to help you.

What causes QuickBooks data loss from a hard drive?

You can end up into this particular issue due to the following reasons. Let us have a look:

  • One of the most common reason can be if you upgrade the company file into the higher version of QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Another common reason can be if QuickBooks data files get corrupted or broken suddenly.
  • You can also experience this problem if there are multiple company files or if company files are missing on a drive.
  • Experiencing this issue is also common if there is abrupt power outage/system crash when using or working on this latest version of QuickBooks files.
  • Something went wrong when upgrading the QuickBooks software.

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Steps to recover the lost company file in QuickBooks desktop

The below stated set of steps can help you in recovering the lost QuickBooks data file from hard drive.

Step 1: Running the QuickBooks auto data recovery

You can retrieve the lost company files by using the QuickBooks auto data recovery method. Perform the following steps:

  • Using the current transaction log file (.TLG) and a copy of the company file, you can simply recreate the lost transaction.
  • After that with the copy of the company file and the transaction file you can simply recreate all the transactions barring the last few hours.

Step 2: Use the current transaction log file and company log file

  • Under this step, you need to create a new folder named QBTest.
  • You now have to locate the folder where the company file is saved and open it.
  • Now, on the QBtest folder that you have saved, you need to paste the tlg file of the company after copying it.
  • Heading forward, you need to locate the QuickBooks auto data recovery folder and open it.
  • Under the QBTestfolder, paste the qbw.adr file
  • Open the QBtest folder and then on the qbw.adr file, right click and choose the option of rename.
  • Now, on the file delete the adr from the end.
  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Move to the QBtest folder and also open the company file that you saved there.
  • Make use of the account register to confirm that all the transactions are there.
  • Ascertain that the integrity of the company file run verify utility.
Verify data utility - Screenshot
  • In case you see that the company file is good, then move the damaged company file to a different location.
  • Move the copy from the QBTest to the original location.

Step 3: Use .qbw.adr and .tlg.adr files

  • You need to create a new folder named QBTest
  • Furthermore, locate the folder that saves the company file and open it.
  • From there you need to locate the folder of QuickBooks auto data recovery and open it.
  • Now, on the QBTest folder paste both tlg.adr and .qbw.adr files after copying them.
  • You now have to click on the QBTest folder to rename it.
  • Remove the adr file.
  • On the QBTest folder you will now have a qbw and tlg file
  • Click and open QuickBooks desktop.
  • Head to the QBTest folder and open the company file that you have saved.
  • Use the account register to confirm that all the transactions are there.
  • Ensure that the integrity of the company file by running verify utility.
  • Check if you see the company file is good, then move the damage file to another location.
  • And move the copy from the folder to original folder.

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Wrapping it up!

Recovering the lost data file from a hard drive in QuickBooks becomes super easy, once you perform the right set of steps. Despite that if you are stuck at any point of time or if you need our assistance at any moment, then do not hesitate in connecting with our Axpert Advisors tech personnel using our helpline. Our 24/7 QuickBooks error support geeks will ensure to take over the situation for you and deal with it successfully.

How to Change QuickBooks Desktop License Number or Product Code?

How to Change QuickBooks Desktop License Number or Product Code?

Unleash the best ways to change or update your QuickBooks desktop license and product information:

Do you know the process to change a QuickBooks license or product code number? Well, if not, then make sure to read this article carefully till the end. In this process, you will learn the process to update the QuickBooks license and product info. There might be situations when users need to change the license number or product code for the QuickBooks desktop.

Well, if you are looking for the process to install QuickBooks in another system, then need not worry. You can follow the steps below and also use the migrator tool, in order to skip re-entering the license number or product code in the new system. The tool will also take care of moving all the data for you.

Change a QuickBooks Desktop license number - Image

To unleash the process to change a QuickBooks desktop license number or product code, reading the article ahead is recommended. An alternative for the same can be to get in touch with the support team via our toll-free i.e., 1-800-615-2347. Talking to our team will ensure to provide the best possible support services immediately.

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Steps to Change the License Number in QuickBooks Desktop

You can change the license number in QuickBooks without even uninstalling and reinstalling the software.

QuickBooks desktop for Windows

  • It is supposed to select Manage my license from the QuickBooks help menu. And also opt for Change my license number.
Mange my license tab - Screenshot
  • And then Enter the new license number and also choose the Next and Finish tab.

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

  • In order to carry out this process, users need to select Manage my license from the QuickBooks menu and then deauthorize this system.
  • The next step is to opt for the Reauthorize option and Quit when the user gets the prompt.
  • The last step is to re-open QuickBooks and then follow the registration process. This will let the user enter a different license.

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Steps for Changing the QuickBooks Product Code for Windows Users

Solution 1: Uninstalling and reinstalling QuickBooks

Uninstall or Reinstall QuickBooks - Image

In case the business runs Pro, premier, or enterprise on five or fewer computers, the best way to change the product code is to re-install the software.

Solution 2: Manually edit the qbregisteration.dat to change a QuickBooks license or product code number

Step 1: Opening the qbregistration.dat file through QuickBooks

Open qbregistration.dat file through QuickBooks - Image
  • This can be done by opening the QuickBooks desktop.
  • And then tapping the F2 key and then F3, in order to open the Tech Help window.
  • Also, select QBREGISTRATION.DAT on the Open file tab and also select the open file. This will open in a notepad.
  • The next step is to create a backup of the qbregistration.dat file. QuickBooks won’t open right if there are any types in the file. This is very much important.
    • For this, you need to select Save as from the notepad File menu.
    • And also select Desktop in the save as window, along with that select Save.
    • Also, close the file.
    • Then, re-open the file from the Tech Help window.
    • And also, close the QuickBooks desktop.

Step 2: Editing the qbregistration.dat file

  • You need to select Edit then replace or Ctrl + H keys in the qbregistration.dat file.
  • And then type in the Old product number in the Find what field and then replace it with the new one in the replace with the field.
  • Also, choose Replace all tab.
  • And lastly, opt for file and then Save and close the file.

Step 3: Checking the product code

  • This can be done by opening the QuickBooks desktop.
  • And also, hit the F2 key to display the Product information window.
product information window - Image
  • After that, Check the product number field to ensure that the product code is updated.

In case the product code didn’t change, then you need to reboot the system. In case you see the old product code after a reboot, then it is important to follow the reinstall process.

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To wrap it up!

We expect that after reading the steps above and implementing these steps you might be able to successfully change the QuickBooks desktop license number or product code. However, as the case of license number might be a bit sensitive, so we recommend you to consult a professional in case of any query.

You can directly call us at our toll-free support line i.e., 1-800-615-2347. Our 24/7 QuickBooks desktop support experts and certified professionals will ensure to provide you with the best possible support services immediately.


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How to Create and Open Portable Company File in QuickBooks Desktop?

How to Create and Open Portable Company File in QuickBooks Desktop?

Learn the easy way of creating a portable version of your company file that you want to move:

Want to share your accounting data or move it to another system? Well, creating portable company file in QuickBooks is an easy job if you stick to the steps mentioned in this article. A portable company file is basically a compact version of the company file that’s small enough to send in an email or put on a USB or hard drive. You can easily create the portable files for QuickBooks and transfer them to other devices and open or restore them quickly. This lucid article shall apprise you of all the necessary information you need in this context.

To upskill your technical hold on the process to create and open portable company files in QuickBooks desktop, make sure that you go through this concise segment carefully.

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Steps for creating and opening a QuickBooks portable company file

We assure you that by following the easy steps mentioned in this section, even if you aren’t adept in the technical complexities of QuickBooks, you will still be able to get this error fixed in no time. Just make sure that you follow the guidelines in the same pattern and order as have been depicted below. You can perform the easy-to-comprehend steps to create and open a portable company file to quickly move to the data or fix issues.

Step 1: Update QuickBooks desktop

  • You initially need to open the QuickBooks program and choose the help tab.
  • Further, choose the update QuickBooks desktop option.
Update QuickBooks desktop to Latest - Image
  • The next step is to hit on update now and thereafter hit a click on reset updates to clear all the previous updates.
  • Afterward, hit on get updates and wait for QuickBooks to finish downloading and installing the updates.
Update QuickBooks desktop (Screenshot)
  • Before you proceed ahead, don’t forget to reboot the QuickBooks software.

You can also set QuickBooks to download the latest software automatically. And follow the same process as above and hit on the options tab. Choose the dots to yes against the automatic update and shared download.

Step 2: Create a backup file

  • Herein, you need to open the QuickBooks software.
  • Afterward, choose the files and switch to the single user.
  • Then, choose the files and create a local backup.
Create local backup - Image
  • Also, choose the local backup option and then hit on the Next tab.
  • You are then required to browse and navigate to the locations to save the backup file.
  • Finally, the system will check the files and you will have to hit on the OK tab to save it now and hit on Next to conclude.

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Step 3: Make a portable company file

  • Launch the QuickBooks software and log in as an admin.
  • And further, head to the File menu and opt for the create copy option.
  • Choose a portable company file and hit on the enter tab.
Create a portable company file - Screenshot
  • You are additionally required to assign a name to the file.
  • Choose a location to save the portable company file and prefer the Windows desktop to save the file (as it is easily accessible.)
  • Lastly, hit on save and click on the OK tab.

Step 4: Open a portable company file

After you have created the file, you would have to perform the steps below:

  • You will need to open QuickBooks and log in as an admin.
  • Further, proceed to the File menu and choose the open or restore company option.
Opening a portable company file - Image
  • Choose to restore a portable file and hit the Next tab.
  • You are then required to opt for the portable company file and click on the open tab.

Make sure not to employ the same name for a portable company file and a regular company file. In case you save them in the same folder, then the portable file will overwrite the regular one. You can either rename the portable company file or save it to a different folder.

  • And also, go through the notes on where you want to restore the file page and hit the Next tab.
  • End the process by hitting on the save tab.

When you open the file, QuickBooks will automatically re-index the data.

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Concluding the article, but not our indomitable support for you!

That was all you need to know regarding the process to creating and opening portable company file in QuickBooks desktop. Still have any queries or questions unaddressed? No worries, as our experts feel privileged to assist you.

Our team comprises professionals with unfathomable experience and expertise in the field and can solve your issues through a mere phone call. Just call our helpline at 1-800-615-2347. Our QuickBooks desktop support representatives are ready to help you 24/7, 365 days a year!


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Fix Restore Failed Error When Restoring a Backup Copy of QuickBooks Company File

Fix Restore Failed Error When Restoring a Backup Copy of QuickBooks Company File

Learn how to tackle the Error: Failed or Error: Restore Failed while restoring a backup copy in QuickBooks Desktop

None of us like to face issues when performing important activities on QuickBooks desktop. And one such error can be QuickBooks restore failed error. This is basically a technical glitch that you can experience when restoring a backup copy of the company file in QuickBooks.

To get a better understanding of fixing such an error, going through this piece of writing would definitely work for you. However, if you require any sort of assistance in tackling the same error, then connect with our tech support line.

A gist of the QuickBooks Restore Failed Error

QuickBooks users face issues when they try to restore data from QuickBooks backup files, during which the process fails with one of the following messages:

Error description:

  • Error: Failed or Restore invalid
  • Restore Failed. This is an Invalid Format of a Post QuickBooks 2007 Backup File
  • Error: Restore failed. Can’t remove log file

This means that the restoration has failed and various reasons can be responsible for this failure.

Software: Intuit QuickBooks

Signs: unable to Backup is restoring the file which already exists, unable to restore the backup through USB flash drive, incorrect backup file being restored, etc.

Quick solution: Copy backup file to a new folder

Symptoms of Restore Failed error while restoring a backup copy of QuickBooks company file

  • Backup is restoring the file which already exists
  • You are able to restore the backup through USB flash drive
  • Wrong backup file is being restored
  • Backup was done with the latest or different version of QuickBooks.

Why you land into QuickBooks restore failed issue?

Experiencing this technical glitch is most probable due to the below factors:

  • One of the most common reasons can be if the company file is compromised or company file name includes special characters ( / < > ! $).
  • Another reason can be if the backup was restored over an existing company file.
  • If the company file has a special character, then experiencing similar issue is probable.
  • You can also experience such an error if the backup was restored from a USB flash drive to a network drive (Error 6189, -816).
  • If the backup was made in a newer version. (For instance: Backup was created in QuickBooks 2022 but you’re restoring it in QuickBooks 2020)
  • The file you are trying to restore is not the correct backup file.

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Solution Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error: Failed or Error: Restore Failed when Restoring a Backup

Performing the below set of steps can be of certain assistance in dealing with QuickBooks restore failed issue. Let us explore:

1st Procedure: Eliminating the special characters from the company file name

  • In this procedure, you are supposed to look for the Location of the company file.
  • Right-click the File name and then choose Rename tab.
  • Conclude the procedure by Creating a file name that has no special character.
  • Hit Enter key and you are done.

2nd Procedure: Avoid overwriting and existing file

  • In order to start this procedure, you are suggested to browse to the Standard location for saving the file, when you are on the window that asks where you want to save the file.
  • Furthermore, if the file is the same as another file in this folder, you will see a message that reads “The file name exists. Would you like to overwrite this file”.
  • Hit NO tab.
  • Edit the Name of the file to be different from the existing file.

3rd Procedure: Copy the backup from Flash drive or network drive

It is recommended to restore a backup to and from the local system, as it is simpler than using a flash drive or network drive. It is also advised to copy the backup to the desktop before restoring it.

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4th Procedure: Copying the backup to a new folder before restoring it

Copying the backup to a new folder before restoring it - Image

Under this procedure, you are supposed to copy a backup to a new folder and ensure it is not in the folder that might be damaged. You can use windows explorer, by copying and pasting the file into a folder in a different location.

5th Procedure: Use the same or newer version of QuickBooks when restoring the backup

You can try to restore the backup to a newer version of QuickBooks desktop, but avoid switching to an older one due to file structure changes between versions.

  • You may restore a backup from QuickBooks desktop 2018 in QuickBooks 2019.
  • Don’t restore a backup from QuickBooks 2019 in QuickBooks 2018.

6th Procedure: Repair the company file

You can perform the necessary steps to resolve data damage in QuickBooks and try resolving the issue.

  • Go to QuickBooks File menu > Utilities > Rebuild Data.
Rebuild data utility - Screenshot
  • After this, go to QuickBooks File menu > Utilities > Verify Data.
Verify data utility - Screenshot

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Still unable to deal with the error?

Can’t deal with restore failed error in QuickBooks desktop even after performing the set of steps discussed earlier in this segment. Well, we have a solution for that as well.

You can get on a call with our 24×7 QuickBooks error support personnel using our dedicated helpline i.e., 1-800-615-2347. Thanks for your valuable time. We hope that reading this blog post might have helped you.


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Operating System and Other System Requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2022

Operating System and Other System Requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2022

Operating System, Database Servers, Ram and other QuickBooks Desktop 2022 system requirements

An upgraded version of QuickBooks Desktop – QuickBooks Desktop 2022 has recently been released. You will notice changes in availability, subscriptions, support charges and ProAdvisor pricing. Furthermore, your computer requires certain configurations for the best experience in this updated version of QuickBooks Desktop.

This post consists of all the useful information about the operating system, hardware, software, and other crucial system requirements for QuickBooks Desktop to run smoothly.

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What are the system requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2022?

Find out what your computer needs for the best experience in QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

Operating Systems

  • All editions of natively installed Windows 10, including 64-bit
  • All editions of natively installed Windows 8.1, including 64-bit
  • Windows Server 2016 and 2019, Standard and Essentials
  • Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2, Standard and Essentials

Important: You can only use natively installed Windows as the accounting software may not offer the best experience with operating systems installed through an emulator or virtual environment.

Database Servers

Windows (natively installed)

  • Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, and 2019, Standard and Essentials
  • MS Windows 8.1 and 10

Linux (when using QB Enterprise Solutions Database Server-only installation)

  • OpenSuse Leap 15.1 and 15.2
  • Fedora 31 and 32
  • Red Hat Enterprise 8 (RHEL 8)

Browser requirements

Uninterrupted internet access and Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit).

Hardware and Operating System requirements

QuickBooks Desktop 2022 requires Windows operating system, 64-bit. You can follow the given steps to know if you have 64-bit:


QuickBooks Desktop 2022 requires minimum 2.4 GHz for functioning.


The minimum RAM compatibility for QB Desktop 2022 is 8GB minimum for 64-bit; 16GB, however, is recommended.

Server RAM requirements

8 GB for 1-5 Users, 12 GB for 6-10 Users, 16 GB RAM for 11-15 Users, 20+ GB RAM for 16-20 Users.

Disk space

  • At least 2.5 GB of disk space (more space required for data files), 60 MB for Microsoft .NET 4.8 Runtime, provided with the installation files.
  • Added requirements for Intuit Data Protect in QuickBooks Connected Services offerings:
    (i) minimum 4.0GB RAM required.
    (ii) 2x size of the largest file set to back up and additional 100 MB or 2x size to restore. The necessity of the space is from the work folder LocalApplicationData+”Intuit\Intuit Data Protect“.

Important: To make the best use of QuickBooks Desktop 2022, keep your QuickBooks data file on a solid-state drive (SSD).


  • Windows (US version)
  • Ensure that the language selected is English.
  • Server computer, when hosting multi-user access, require admin rights.
  • Natively installed Windows that shouldn’t be run in a virtual environment or emulation software.

Optical drive

A 4X DVD-ROM drive is required for physical CD installations.

Screen resolution

  • 1280 x 1024 screen resolution or higher display with up to 2 extended monitors.
  • Optimized for Default DPI setting for a given computer.

Other hardware devices

If you have the Warehouse Manager in QuickBooks Desktop mobile, you can use the following supported devices:

  • Zebra TC20/TC25/TC51 Mobile Computer (Android 4.4 & above)
  • Zebra MC40 Mobile Computer (Android 4.4 & above)

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 22.0 also supports:

  • Pocket Barcode Scanner (recommended: Honeywell Voyager 1602g)
  • Socket Mobile CHS 7CI
  • Symbol CS3070

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Software compatibility

QuickBooks fuses with many other apps. We have listed some of the most common apps you can use along with QuickBooks. More useful apps can be found at the Intuit App Store.

Important: Additional RAM can increase the use of these features.

Microsoft Office:

  • MS Office 2019
  • MS Office 2016 with Outlook 2016 (both on 32 and 64-bit).
  • Microsoft Office 2013 and 365 with Outlook 2013 (both on 32 and 64-bit). Please note that only locally installed Microsoft 365 is supported. Web version isn’t supported.
  • Email estimates, invoices, and other forms with Microsoft Outlook 2016 to 2019, MS Outlook with Microsoft 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and, other SMTP-supporting email clients.
  • Letter preparations require MS Word 2019, 2016, 2013, or Microsoft 365 (includes 64-bit).
  • Exporting data and reports require MS Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, or Microsoft 365 (includes 64-bit).
  • Contact Synchronization with MS Outlook requires Outlook 2019 (32-bit), 2016, or 2013.

Other software’s

  • QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) V19.0, and V18.0.
  • TurboTax 2021 (Personal & Business).
  • Lacerte 2021.
  • Pro-Series tax year 2021.
  • Quicken 2016-2021.
  • QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2019-2022.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader: Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later for Business Planner, Payroll, and viewing forms.
  • Internet access and uninterrupted connection with at least a 56 Kbps connection speed for Payroll and other online features and services.
  • Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Mail, Hotmail and AOL.
  • Internet Explorer 11.

Antimalware and antivirus software compatibility

QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier 2021, and Enterprise 21.0 have been tested with the following antimalware and antivirus software. Adjusting some program settings may be required to get the best QuickBooks performance.

Antivirus software

  • Avast
  • Avira
  • Bitdefender
  • ESET
  • F-Secure
  • Kaspersky
  • McAfee
  • Norton
  • Panda Dome
  • Sophos
  • Symantec
  • Trend Micro Security
  • Webroot

Antimalware software

  • AVG
  • Avast
  • Bitdefender
  • Emsisoft
  • F-Secure
  • Kaspersky
  • Malwarebytes
  • McAfee
  • Spybot
  • Webroot
  • ZoneAlarm

Important: QuickBooks Desktop works with systems running RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) but since RAID slows down its speed, it’s not recommended.

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We have tried to include every program and software your system may need to function appropriately with QuickBooks Desktop 2022. In case you are using any other essential tool or software and want to know if the latest QuickBooks Desktop version will work smoothly or not – feel free to call our QuickBooks certified experts.


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