Multi-user mode means several users are accessing a single system on a single software. QuickBooks also lets its users use multi-user mode in which sign-up is required once. As a result, QuickBooks Multi-users save a lot of time and increase productivity. 

The Methods of Turning on the Multi-User Mode for QuickBooks are:

  • Set up QuickBooks on Your Desktop. 

On a multi-user network, the leading desktop is an admin desktop. The server computer handles all the jobs, and the computer is connected to the workstation.

  1. Install QuickBooks desktop in your computer system. 
  2. After that, choose the Custom and network install type desktop installation. 
  3. After that, follow the instructions to finish the installation.
  • Give Folder Permission. 

Give folder permission to your server computer. The company file should be on that folder and network so that everyone can access the files.

  • Install the Database Server Manager. 

Database server manager helps in sharing and exchanging databases on the network. After installing the database server, you can use it to scan and search files stored on the server.

  1. Install it by allowing the terms and conditions. 
  2. After installation, select the scan folder tab. 
  3. Locate the folder containing the file in the browse option. 
  4. Add a new file to save it 
  5. Click on Close. 
  • Set up the Admin Rights

By setting admin rights, you assign the authorities. Users will know what they can do on that server. It also offers who can share, edit, view files, etc. 

  • Turn on Hosting

This is the last step of installation. After that, the user will access your server computer by turning on multi-user mode. The server has all the databases; only the system can share files with workstations and set up permissions.

  1. Launch your QuickBooks desktop.
  2. When you find the File menu, click on it and select Utilities.
  3. Then, select Host multi-user access and click on Yes.
  • Check your Firewall and Security.

Sometimes firewall restricts your software from connecting to the network; ensure by checking the firewall and security that this is not the case and if it is, then change the firewall settings.

  • Begin with the File on the Remote Computer.
  1. Launch QuickBooks, go to the File menu, and switch to the multi-user mode.
  2. Then select the Company tab and click on the setup user and password.
  3. And then add the user.
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