Learn how to Troubleshoot PDF and Print problems with QuickBooks Desktop

Struggling with printing issues in QuickBooks desktop? Study this write-up to find out how to troubleshoot printing issues in QuickBooks. Printing issues with QuickBooks are often experienced due to missing or corrupted component, or if there are any issues with the printer or with the system. Before you begin with the steps, it should be noted that because all printers are different, many of the troubleshooting steps below need to have knowledge of the printer’s setup.

If you follow the guidelines mentioned in this write-up, you will easily get rid of these QuickBooks desktop printing errors and you will be able to enjoy working on QuickBooks without any interruption. Just in case you are unsure of implementing the steps manually, then talking to our professionals would work.

Common printing issues in QuickBooks desktop

Here is a list of common printing issues in QuickBooks:

  • QuickBooks not connecting to Microsoft XPS document writer
  • QB issues connecting to the printer
  • QuickBooks freezes when saving pdf for syncing issues
  • QuickBooks software doesn’t save the form or reports as a pdf due to damaged components
  • QB freezes when printing due to unresponsive XPS port
  • Missing XPS printer driver
  • Error 1722 or 1801 was ignored when installation
  • Missing XPS printer driver
  • QuickBooks doesn’t print to a printer and QuickBooks print command routes to null
  • QuickBooks doesn’t covert to pdf file because of XPS writer
  • QB doesn’t covert to print due to communication issues
  • Unrecoverable error when printing from QuickBooks desktop for file readability issues
  • QuickBooks pdf converter error 14982 50172
  • PDF converter activation error 20 30 in QuickBooks
  • Unrecoverable error with the code 15064 06798
  • Cannot communicate with the company file
  • Missing QuickBooks pdf component needs repair
  • QuickBooks unable to complete the printing action due to missing component
  • Print host driver problems in QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks pdf converter activation error can be major cause.

What are causes of printing issues in QuickBooks desktop?

Before we look at the solutions let’s try to understand what can cause the problem.

  • You can end up in such an error if the printer is turned off
  • Another reason can be if there is no paper on the paper tray
  • You can experience similar issue if there is difficulty in communicating with the company file
  • In the components are missing in the pdf file
  • Or the XPS printer driver is missing or corrupted
  • You can also end up in such an error if the QuickBooks pdf converter installation is incomplete
  • Experiencing such an error is also common if the printer is not installed in a proper manner.

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Solutions to be performed for resolving printing issues in QuickBooks Desktop

You can perform the below troubleshooting methods to successfully fix the QuickBooks printing issues:

Measure 1: Tackling with printer issues

  • Shut down the system and also the printer.
  • Ascertain that you have paper correctly placed in the tray.
  • Check if there is no paper jam.
  • Checking the interface cables is also recommended.
  • Turn on the system and printer.
  • You now have to confirm that your printer is online.
  • This can be done by right clicking the printer.
  • Print a windows test page, if it turns out to be proper, then there is no issue with the printer and the system.

On the contrary:

  • You would have to connect the system to a different printer.
  • Download and install the updated printer driver from the printer maker’s official site.
  • Try to connect the printer to another system and monitor if the it is working properly.
  • If not, then contact the IT support professionals.

Measure 2: Verify the status and network of the printer

You need to find out whether your printer is local or network. This means:

  • Network: In case the printer is on network, you need to verify the network setting, and also connect with an IT expert of the printer manufacturer to deal with the issue
  • Local: Just in case the printer is on local, in that scenario, the issue might be with the system. You simply have to check the connection between the system and the printer. If nothing goes wrong, but the error persists, then in that case you must seek for professional assistance.

Monitor the status of the printer

  • You need to change the status of the printer to only during any error from ON.
  • Whereas, if the status reads OFF, then reach out to professionals.

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Measure 3: Take out a test print of any page in QuickBooks

  • Turning off the printer then reboot the system
  • Now turn on the printer and then open up the control panel.
  • Double click the printer and faxes option
  • Verify the status of the printer
  • Right click the printer if it is offline
  • Choose the user printer online then double click the printer
  • Now select a print job and then choose the printer option
  • Cancel all documents and close the windows
  • Right click the printer
  • Choose the properties
  • Print test page option

Measure 4: Checking the printer outside QuickBooks

  • Open up the Microsoft word or notepad.
  • Enter type any text.
  • Open file menu and click on it.
  • Print on the default printer.
  • Head to the drop-down menu.
  • Click on a different one.
  • There is no issue with the printer driver, if it prints the text confirms.

Measure 5: Make use of QuickBooks print and repair tool

  • Look for QBPrint.qbp file on the system.
  • Manually rename the file.
  • For windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11 and then you will find the file location is C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 2XXX
  • In case you are not capable to locate the file, unhide the hidden files and folders.
Show hidden files and folders - Screenshot Image
  • Head to the QBprint.qbp and click on the same and also rename it.
  • Open QuickBooks and the company file, a new qbprint.qbp will get created on its own.
  • Open a transaction that you had issues creating pdfs in QuickBooks or have issues with QuickBooks.
  • If there is an issue with the company file, then try printing from the QuickBooks sample company file to confirm it.

You can also access the QuickBooks PDF and Print repair tool from QuickBooks tool hub program.

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Measures to fix pdf and print issues in QuickBooks desktop

Here is a list of measures that you can take, so as to fix pdf and print issues. Let us explore:

Procedure 1: Resetting the temp folder permissions

Reset the temp folder permissions

Allow full control - Screenshot
  • By pressing the windows key + R to open the run command
  • Enter in %TEMP% and hit enter key.
  • Right click the empty area of the temp folder.
  • Select properties.
  • Ascertain that user names and groups are showing on the security tab have full control.
  • After the permissions have been set to full control, you need to save the PDF again within QuickBooks.

Confirm whether you are able to print to your XPS

XPS document writer - Screenshot Image
  • This can be done by opening notepad.
  • Enter in test and also choose file.
  • Hit print.
  • Go for the XPS document writer and also click on print.
  • Enter a filename and save it to the desktop.
  • Move to the desktop and view the XPS document you printed from notepad.

Procedure 2: Installing or repairing MSXML 6.0

Type sfc-scannow - Screenshot

For windows 8:

  • Go for the search option
  • Enter in command
  • Select command prompt
  • Select run as admin
  • Provide the password needed
  • Hit allow tab
  • Enter sfc/scannow

For windows vista and 7

  • Head to the windows start tab
  • Select all programs and enter in accessories.
  • Opt for command prompt
  • Run as admin
  • Enter in admin password
  • Hit allow tab
  • Enter the command as SFC/Scannow.

Procedure 3: Bypass the print spooler (For terminal services only)

Once you are set the permission for XPS document writer on the server for terminal services, set the XPS document writer to bypass the print spooler.

  • Open up the printers control panel in windows.
  • Right click the Microsoft xps document writer and opt for printer properties or properties.
Microsoft xps document writer - Image
  • Choose advanced tab and opt for print directly to print.
  • Hit ok tab to save the changes and close print properties.

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Were you able to fix printing issues? This article describes how to troubleshoot various printing issues in QuickBooks in a successfully manner. Despite this, if you have any questions or suggestions related to QuickBooks error or this article then speak with our team.

There are various other errors apart from these that can be experienced in QuickBooks. To find out the solutions to those errors, either read our articles or connect with our QuickBooks desktop support team personnel.


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