Get accustomed to the 8 Simple ways of fixing the QuickBooks crash com error without any hassle.

Smaller companies and financial experts have a great concern about QuickBooks collapsing since they heavily rely on the software for performing their financial operations. When emailing payments, numerous QuickBooks subscribers run into the QuickBooks Crash Com Error. When users hit on OK to mail a payment to a client or customer, they receive this error code. After tapping on OK once more, the crash warning emerges on the display.

QuickBooks crash com error - Screenshot

The most frequent problem in the QuickBooks desktop nowadays seems to be the “Crash Com” warning. Whenever users access or try to mail payments or other operations, several users receive this problem. It’s undoubtedly inconvenient to miss unprotected data in another QuickBooks active tab that is being operated on at the same time. Nothing else can be done except for hitting the OK button on the Crash Com Warning notice and bidding your QuickBooks a farewell.

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What is the QuickBooks Desktop Crash Com Error?

Crash Com Error counts as one of the common errors that QuickBooks desktop users receive. The error occurs when you try to email Invoices and other transactions. This may also cause you to lose the unsaved data in QuickBooks you may be working on simultaneously. Once this error appears, the screen may freeze and you may only be able to click on the OK option on the error message box. Knowing the reasons that trigger QuickBooks crash com error may help you prevent this issue as well as save your important data. Along with telling you how you can prevent this error, this blog post will also tell you how you can fix incur QuickBooks com error. The error message may also call it crash com error, QuickBooks crash com error or com error QuickBooks.

The terms may be referred to differently, but they are all same errors originating because of sending emails from QuickBooks. The basic and premier reason for this issue is the failure of syncing with Windows or other Microsoft components. If your software crashes repeatedly, your company file data may also be damaged. Repeated crashes may also cause permanent damage to your company file thus it’s mandatory to get rid of from crash: com error in QuickBooks desktop soon after it appears.

Typical Reasons Behind the Emergence of the QuickBooks Crash Com Error

Several reasons may be behind this error code. While there may be several other hidden factors contributing to the error, we have earmarked below the most conspicuous and major ones.

  • Windows Components or other Microsoft components are damaged.
  • QuickBooks is unable to interact with the users or the messaging server.
  • QuickBooks Elements misplaced or defective.
  • One or more essential QuickBooks components are missing.
  • The synchronization hampered by spyware or malware.
  • Infected programs removed QuickBooks elements or essential data.
  • Essential QuickBooks files have been either deleted or damaged by third-party software.
  • QuickBooks connection blocked by a firewall.

When the QuickBooks Crash Com Error Appears?

Users should first determine the instance when the QuickBooks crash com problem occurs before proceeding with the diagnostic methods. No matter what tasks the users were performing during the emergence of this error, the processes for resolving the issue are all the same.

  • An issue occurred during sending payments from
  • A crash com problem appears when accessing payments.
  • When working on a file, QuickBooks com crashes may occur.
  • A crash com error shows up during storing QB.
  • Verify register opens with a com fault, resulting in a breakdown.
  • During the viewing of a file in QuickBooks, a breakdown occurs due to a com issue.

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Solutions to Solve the QuickBooks Desktop Crash Com Issue

The QuickBooks Com Error might be fixed in a variety of methods; users may need to try several of the techniques listed here. Before users start using the below methods, make a backup of your current QuickBooks data:

Solution 1: Update Windows and Office Software

  • Install the latest versions of Windows, and Office Software, including (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook).
    • Firstly, access your Outlook mail and choose File > Office Account > Update Options > Update Now.
    • After that, check to confirm that you no longer receive the Com Error Crashes.
  • Make Outlook the primary email application.
    • Go to Control Panel and then choose Default Programs
    • Now set your default programs.
    • From the Programs list, choose MS Outlook then choose Set this program as default.
    • Hit on the OK button.
  • Turn off the antivirus software for the time being.
  • Create Security Restrictions in QuickBooks.
  • Reboot the system and see if the crash com problem has gone away, if it hasn’t, attempt the subsequent solution.

Solution 2: Refine QuickBooks Desktop as Well as Company Files by Frequent Updates

Update QuickBooks desktop to Latest - Image
  • Whenever users get QuickBooks update problems, attempt QuickBooks Manual Upgrades.
  • Test the data quality of the QuickBooks company file by opening and verifying it.
Verify data utility - Screenshot
  • Attempt to send the object upon where the QB crash com problem appeared.
  • Start another file or page and submit it to oneself to see if the issue still arises.

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Solution 3: Configure the Email Settings in QuickBooks

  • Launch QuickBooks. Then, access the company file.
  • Process as follows : Change >>> Options >>> Forms to Send >>> My Preferences.
Select my preferences option - Screenshot
  • Choose the ‘Email‘ button and resubmit it if users find Outlook as a choice.
  • Change Outlook’s email configuration: Choose Microsoft Outlook from the Settings Panel > Mail menu.
    • In the Email Settings box, choose Show Profiles. Pick Prompt for an account for use if Outlook is not specified as the primary mail program, then Accept.
    • Change the choice immediately. Only utilize this account, after which Submit and OK to complete the process. Otherwise, move on to the next step.

Solution 4: Repair Windows as Well as Office Software

  • Rebuild Office software and replace any problematic elements.
  • Reboot the device after updating QuickBooks.
Repairing Microsoft office - Image
  • Run a Windows update once more.
  • Uninstall any unknown or harmful software from the system.

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Solution 5: Set up the Firewall as Well as Security Exceptions in QuickBooks

To fix this error you need to configure your firewall setting by following the below-given steps:

Create a new rule in firewall settings - Screenshot
  • Put QuickBooks Security Restrictions in the proper place in the QuickBooks communication channel.
  • Within the computer protection program, establish QuickBooks activity and port Restrictions.
  • Reboot the machine to double-check that the changes are still in place.
  • Open another file or form then send it to oneself to see whether the Crash Com Issue remains; if it does, go to the last procedure.

Solution 6: Using QuickBooks Desktop to Connect the Emailing Services or Client

  • To acquire email setups, contact the emailing Service/client solution providers.
  • Within the emailing Service/client settings menu, grant third-party application permission.
  • If you’re using a Non-legacy emailing application, stay in contact with the programmers to gather Port data and other QuickBooks-related details.
  • Follow the internet provider instructions for adding or configuring the options, and that is everything.

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Solution 7: Run QuickBooks in Compatibility Mode to Fix the QuickBooks Crash Com Error

  • First of all, you need to hit a Right-click on the QuickBooks icon and then click on Properties.
  • After that choose Run this program in compatibility mode in the Compatibility tab.
  • Now choose the Windows 7 option From the drop-down menu.
  • Hit a single click to mark a check on Run this program as an administrator.
  • Choose the Apply button and finally hit a click on OK.

Solution 8: Add Windows Admin User

  • Firstly, you need to create a Windows user with Admin rights.
  • After that, log in to your Windows with the newly created user.
  • Finally, open your QuickBooks one more time.

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Winding up!

If the QuickBooks Crash Com Error continues, contact our QuickBooks error support experts, who may provide a combined assessment of this Crash Com Issue and remedy. Intuit does not handle Microsoft apps, however, if users are confident to complete these actions, then they may attempt it at their own risk.

You can get in touch with our dedicated support team. We are available 24×7 and offer fast and precise solutions to all QB-related issues.


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