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Know the latest features of QuickBooks Desktop 2021:

QuickBooks rolls in with newer versions each year, even the 2021 version of QuickBooks rolled in with some fabulous features. The features of QuickBooks desktop 2021 is all about automation to save time and boost productivity. This segment is compilation of just a few new features of QuickBooks desktop 2021. These features to help you get paid faster, while making the date your employees see more effective for their role in the company. Get a better insight about QuickBooks desktop 2021, with this piece of writing.

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New and Improved Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2021

Not only the old features of QuickBooks are revamped in the 2021 version, some new features are also introduced. Let us explore all together:

1. Streamlined Bank Feeds

Streamlined bank feeds - Image

Now you get advanced online banking, which would help you to review the bank transactions, match them to the existing ones in your books or quickly add new ones. Importing bank feeds faster is now possible with this feature and by automatically categorizing or batch editing the bank transactions by payees, accounts, and classes.

2. Rule-based Customer Groups Integrated in QuickBooks Desktop 2021

Rule based customer groups - Image

You can now create rule-based customer groups based on fields such as customer type, status, location, and balance. This will help you in easily managing them and using them across multiple features.

3. Automated Statements/Payment Reminders

Automated statements or payment reminders - Image

No more manually reminding your customers of their overdue balances is required, you can now automate frequently sent statement emails, tailored to different customer needs. Send the statements with payment links that encourage customers to instantly settle their dues using online payment portals.

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4. Advanced Inventory Improvements in QuickBooks Enterprise

Advanced inventory improvements in QuickBooks enterprise - Image

The software continues to build upon the new inventory features. These features released in 2018, 19, and 20. This new release makes it much easier for business owners to manage their warehouse inventory in QuickBooks desktop. This also improves security and confidentiality by limiting access.

5. The QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Comes with Payroll Liability Reminders

Payroll liability reminders

Small and medium business owners can set up calendar notices. These notices shall ensure that they are reminded of the upcoming payroll tax and liability payments. You can also track the different deadlines to pay liabilities and get reminders in a timely way.

6. Customized Payment Receipts in QuickBooks Desktop

Customized payment receipts in QuickBooks desktop - Image

You can also have a consistent, professional look across all of the customer’s communication with this particular feature. Sending detailed, customizable, and professional looking payments receipts with all the relevant information fields, is now easy.

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7. Automated Merchant Services Payments Reconciliation

Automated merchant services payments reconciliation - Image

This feature will ensure improved matching workflow for QuickBooks payments. And would help you in matching all the payments to your accounting automatically, every time. The best part about this feature is that the majority of the payments and transactions are automatically reconciled.

8. QuickBooks Tool Hub Program

QuickBooks tool hub program - Image

QuickBooks Tool hub has always been a saviour for assistance with common QuickBooks related issues. You can simply fix common issues using this one stop solution.

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9. Data Level Permission

Data level permission - Image

This is whole new feature in QuickBooks enterprise 21.0 that permits you restricted access for your users and roles created. This lets the admin to create users and roles with access permissions at record level for customers and vendors. You can create data level permissions by performing certain set of steps.

Final Note..! We hope that the article apprised you of all the necessary information

This is the list of top 10 features that rolls in with QuickBooks desktop 2021. However, If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us! Our QuickBooks desktop support team will be more happy to help you out with your accounting related concerns.


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