As the QuickBooks desktop 2022 is already out in the market, majority of you might be try to replace your QuickBooks desktop 2021 with the newer one, simply to stay on top of the updates. While many of your system might be able to install the QuickBooks 2022 pro without any issue, a few might face some strange issues, which include the QuickBooks 2022 installer keeps forcing reboot or won’t install. This has been reported at large by many of the QuickBooks users, and can be resolved by simply downloading the QuickBooks tool hub. The QuickBooks tool is designed in a way to successfully diagnose and fix common issues within the software.

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This piece of writing is going to brief you with the right set of steps to be performed. Reading this segment will surely help you in getting rid of QuickBooks 2022 installer keeps forcing reboot and won’t install error. However, the interested ones, can get on a call with our tech professionals, and ask them to eliminate the issue from its root cause.

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What actually happens when such an error appears?

The following things might happen indicating QuickBooks desktop 2022 installer forcing reboot, won’t install. Explore the below pointers before you jump on to the rectification steps.

  • Run installer as downloaded from QuickBooks (the same file used on each system), and running as admin.
  • Go through installing VC9, vc_redist x86/x64 without any issue.
  • An error message might appear leading to installing QuickBooks itself, and almost immediately requesting the system to be rebooted.
  • Clicking on the yes tab might lead to such an error from the installer to very briefly pop-up, and then the system reboots as normal.
  • The installer starts again on its own, and repeats the process over and over again.
  • When tried to click on no on the prompt to reboot and restart manually, it claims that the install was interrupted and one has to start from scratch.
  • It doesn’t detect the current QuickBooks 2021 installation and try replacing it.

Techniques to implement to rectify QuickBooks desktop 2022 install issues

The error might seem quite difficult to handle, but can be controlled by performing the set of steps listed below.

Method 1: Starting the system in selective startup mode

In order to assure that no other application is hindering the process, switching to selective startup mode is recommended.

  • Initially, one has to press Windows + R keys to open the run command.
  • Furthermore, type in msconfig.
  • Hit OK tab.
  • Click on selective startup mode in the general tab.
  • Also choose load system services.
  • You now have to head to services tab and also hide all Microsoft services.
  • One can choose disable all.
  • Furthermore, uncheck the hide all Microsoft services checkbox.
Hide all Microsoft services - Screenshot Image
  • You then have to ensure that the windows installer checkbox is opted from the list of services.
  • If not, then choose the checkbox.
  • Hit a click on OK tab.
  • Moreover, click on restart on the system configuration window.

Try installing QuickBooks again. After the QuickBooks is installed successfully, then switching back to normal startup is suggested. This can be done as:

  • Herein, press Windows + R keys to open run command.
  • Furthermore, type in mscofig and also click on ok tab.
  • Now, in the general tab, click on normal startup.
Select normal startup - Image
  • One now has to click on ok tab.
  • Click on restart on the system configuration window.

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Method 2: Using Quick fix my program from QuickBooks tool hub

  • Under this process, one has to close QuickBooks.
  • And also, download the most recent version of QuickBooks tool hub.
  • You now have to save the file where it can be spotted easily.
  • Moreover, open the downloaded file.
  • And perform the on-screen steps for installing and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Once the install finishes, double click the icon on the windows desktop for opening the tool hub.
QuickBooks Tool Hub - Icon
  • After the tool hub opens up, one should choose the program problems.
  • Pick the Quick fix my program option.
Run Quick Fix My Program - Screenshot
  • Start QuickBooks desktop and open the data file.
  • Reboot the system.

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Final Words..!

Summarizing the write up, it is highly expected that one might be able to successfully install QuickBooks 2022 installer. On the contrary, if the error continues to hinder the process, or in case there is a need of immediate expert assistance, then contacting our QuickBooks error support technocrats using our helpline i.e., 1-800-615-2347 is recommended. Our tech personnel will get back to you and resolve your query as soon as possible.


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