Most small and medium-sized businesses nowadays utilize QuickBooks, which is regarded as one of the best accounting programs available. The robust features of this software help to simplify complex business processes. Best of all, QuickBooks’ developer, Intuit, regularly rolls out updates with brand-new and improved capabilities.

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When updating a new version of QuickBooks Desktop, you may encounter the QuickBooks error 1310. This program has revolutionized bookkeeping, and customers need help with it. Some of these issues can be fixed with little effort, while others may necessitate the involvement of QuickBooks support service providers. Check this post for details on how to fix QuickBooks Error 1310 during installation.

Why do You Get Error 1310 in QuickBooks?

A QuickBooks error 1310 notice can be frustrating when trying to update or install a new version of QuickBooks Desktop. Unfortunately, this is a widespread problem, and understanding its root causes is necessary before attempting a solution. The following is a list of reasons for this issue in the software:

  • In the event, there isn’t enough space on the hard disc.
  • The user does not have sufficient permissions to install or update Windows.
  • To prevent accidental changes during setup, the installation drive is read-only.
  • Data on the hard drive is corrupted or has been damaged.
  • Error 1310 is caused by damaged files on your computer’s hard drive and prevents QuickBooks from installing correctly.
  • QuickBooks Desktop cannot be installed due to antivirus software.
  • The user does not have authorization to access this folder.
  • The installer for Microsoft Windows is not licensed.
  • Because your Firewall has identified the application update as a potential security risk and is preventing its installation.
  • Error code 1310 can be displayed if the installation source has been damaged.
  • If you have a shaky Internet connection.
  • The risk of QuickBooks Company file corruption or damage.
  • You may have an invalid system date or time setting.

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QuickBooks Error 1310 Symptoms

  1. An unexpected QuickBooks error notice appears and closes the current window.
  2. Due to the error, you might be unable to install the latest version of QuickBooks.
  3. Every once in a while, the computer shuts down completely.

Things to Do Before Fixing QuickBooks Error 1310

Some important things to do before Troubleshoot QuickBooks error 1310 are as follows:

  1. Verify that you are logged in as an administrator on Windows.
  2. Restarting Windows in Safe Mode will prevent third-party software from interfering with the installation update.
  3. If QuickBooks installation error 1310 persists, try installing the software in a different directory.
  4. Verify that your hard drive has enough free space to accommodate the QuickBooks setup.

Important Considerations

  1. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator before attempting any troubleshooting in Windows.
  2. Disable all startup programs or restart Windows in Safe Mode before installing or updating the QB Desktop app.
  3. Error 1310 during QuickBooks setup can sometimes be resolved by restarting Windows in Safe Mode.
  4. Make sure your hard drive has enough free space for the installation before beginning it.
  5. If you’re having trouble with QB Desktop’s installation, try moving it to a different hard drive.

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Solve QuickBooks Error 1310 With Simple Methods

Method 1: Switch User Account Control (UAC) settings

Turning off User Account Control UAC
  • Turning off or on UAC (User Account Settings)
  • Verify that you’re logged into Windows with an administrator account.
  • The UAC needs to be disabled at this time 
  • If it doesn’t work, try updating or installing QuickBooks Desktop again once you’ve restarted your computer.
  • Turn on User Account Control (UAC) afterward, and restart your computer.

Method 2: Register Once Again with Windows Installer

MSIExec Screenshot
  • It all begins with a click of the Start button.
  • Type “msiexec/unreg” into the search bar and hit Enter.
  • Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to return to Windows’ primary menu.
  • Now, press the Enter key after typing “msiexec/regserver” into the search box.
  • At that point, you can attempt to set up QuickBooks.

Method 3: Access the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool via the Tool Hub and Run a Scan.

Common problems can often be resolved using the QuickBooks Tool Hub. We advise using the Tool Hub on Windows 10 for the best results. For optimal performance, install the latest version from the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • To begin using the downloaded file, open it (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
  • Install by following the on-screen prompts and accepting the terms and conditions.
  • When the setup is finished, the tool hub shortcut will appear on your Windows desktop.

Method 4: Use QuickBooks Install the Diagnostic Tool

Installation Issues tab in Tool Hub - Image
  • Proceed to the “Installation Problems” tab and select the “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool” option.
  • Get QuickBooks to install the diagnostic tool here and put it to use.
  • You should save the file to your desktop when requested.
  • First, ensure no instances of QuickBooks are running, and then launch the QuickBooks Diagnostic installer.
  • Restart your machine after the procedure is complete.

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Method 5: Have accurate Access Control Settings

  • To access your computer’s applications, go to the Start menu and select All Programs.
  • Then, when you’re ready, click the Accessories tab.
  • Then, select Command Prompt from the menu that pops up.
  • Select “Run as Administrator” to proceed.
  • If you want to fix the error, move the Msi file into the specified folder.
  • To continue, tap the Enter button.
  • Afterward, you must close Command Prompt.
  • Upon completion, launch QuickBooks Desktop.

Final Words

We have seen the ways to Resolve QuickBooks error 1310. Unfortunately, error 1310 is a possible stumbling block on the road to updating the QuickBooks Desktop version. Users frequently encounter Error 1310. Aside from QuickBooks Desktop, other Windows programs are susceptible to the writing-to-the-file problem. This error occurs when the application installer cannot generate or write files to the installation directory.Due to the complexity of installers, advanced troubleshooting skills are often required when mistakes arise. If you’re unfamiliar with Windows troubleshooting and have problems with the procedures outlined in this post, please contact QuickBooks Support.

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