Use These Useful and Foolproof Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 3140

QuickBooks is an innovative, fast and easy to use bookkeeping and accounting software. It’s primarily built for small and mid-sized businesses to help them manage their business and meet their goals. Also, while there are seemingly infinite benefits of using this software, it isn’t really uncommon for you to encounter some issues and glitches while using it. One of the common QuickBooks errors, the one we are going to discuss in this blog post, is QuickBooks Error code 3140. This error oftentimes arises when we try to sync data or if the software goes corrupt with its downloading process.

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You may see the following error message on your desktop screen:

QuickBooks error code 3140 - Screenshot

When QuickBooks error 3140 problem faced?

It is important to know why the problem exists and what the effective ways are to resolve the issue.

You can face this issue when starting up or shutting down your PC. You may also encounter the problem when conducting the windows operating system. It is recommended to make a note of how and when this error is appearing to help you in troubleshooting this problem.

What Causes QuickBooks Error 3140?

  • The QuickBooks error code 3140 occurs when the program installation is incomplete or the download is corrupted.
  • Another reason is recent changes in QuickBooks software that corrupt the windows registry.
  • Due to Malware infection or virus infected computer system which damages the important files of windows and QuickBooks.
  • Other, new or old program that has removed QuickBooks related files by mistake.

Effects of QuickBooks Error 3140

You may face multiple problems when such type of error occurs.

  • The active program processing on the windows crashes.
  • The desktop or laptop on which the software is being utilized crashes with error message 3140.
  • Windows and hardware devices like the mouse and keyboard also respond slowly. There is lag time between the input and the output.
  • Periodic screen freeze for few minutes or seconds at regular intervals.
  • Sometimes, there is continuous starting up and shutting down of windows.

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Latest steps to resolve QuickBooks error code 3140

The troubleshooting process of resolving QuickBooks error 3140 is time-consuming. Following the below-mentioned steps will help you resolve the error and related issues.

Step 1: Repair registry entries associated with error 3140

Find all the Registry entries related to QuickBooks error code 3140 and repair them. Take help from a your IT professional if you are not comfortable performing this step on your own. Below are the steps to create a backup of QuickBooks related registry entry.

  • You need to first choose start tab and type in command in the search box without pressing enter key.
  • Furthermore, press ctrl + shift keys and click on enter tab.
  • Now, click on yes on the permission dialog box.
  • You will see a black box with a blinking cursor.
  • Heading forward, you need to write regedit, and press enter tab.
Type regedit on Run box - Screenshot
  • In the registry editor, you are suggested to select the error 3140 related key that you need to create a backup.
  • Click on the export in the file menu.
Use Registry Editor - Screenshot
  • Now, you need to select the folder to save the backup from the save-in list.
  • Give a name to the backup file in the file name box.
  • Ensure that you have marked the selected branch in the export range box.
  • Select the save with .reg file extension.
  • End the process, by having a backup of registry entries related to QuickBooks.

Step 2: Conduct a malware scan of your PC

Execute the System Virus or Malware Scan - Screemshot

Malware attack is one of the most common reasons for QuickBooks error code 3140 occurs. It is important to check whether the system is infected with Malware or virus by performing an in-depth scan through Anti-virus software.

Step 3: Perform a system clean-up check

Clean Your Systems Junk Files - Screenshot

Use Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr) to remove all the unwanted junk files from the temporary files and folders and clean up your computer. You need to clean system junk files:

  • Initially, you need to head to the start tab.
  • Now, on the search bar, you need to insert cmd on the keyboard.
  • Press and hold ctrl + shift keys and click on the enter tab.
  • When you got a pop-up dialog box on the screen, then you need to click on yes tab.
  • On the screen black window will open, you need to insert cleanmgr and click on enter tab.
  • When the process is completed, a disk cleanup box will initiate with checkboxes on the screen. You need to select the checkboxes you need to clean.
  • Click on ok tab.

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Step 4: Update your system drivers

Update all the System Drivers - Screenshot

Update your computer system’s drivers to the most recent version.

  • You need to click on settings tab and select update and security.
  • Furthermore, you need to select windows update and click on check for updates.

Step 5: Restore the previous setting

System Restore Point in Windows - Screenshot

Utilize Windows System Restore to “Undo” Recent System Changes by setting set the windows system to a specific restore point so that you can undo any changes that take place.

Step 6: Uninstall and Reinstall the QuickBooks Program

Repair or Reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework - Screenshot

Ensure all the applications and files related to QuickBooks software are working in pristine condition by uninstalling and reinstalling them again. The process to uninstall and reinstall is called a clean install of QuickBooks desktop.

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Step 7: Run Windows System File Checker (“sfc /scannow”)

Run Windows System File Checker ("sfc /scannow") - Screenshot

Run the process of File Checker on the Windows system – “sfc /scannow

Step 8: Install Windows Updates

Windows update- screenshot 11

Keep the Windows Operating System updated to the latest version and with security patches.

Step 9: Perform a Clean Installation of Windows

Perform a Clean Installation of Windows - Screenshot

Perform a complete and clean installation of the Windows Operating System.

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Wrapping up!

The above-mentioned method should help you to resolve QuickBooks error code 3140 issue without any hassle. Now this error shouldn’t appear again, but if it does, you can contact our 24X7 QuickBooks error support team and speak to certified technicians.


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