Learn how to fix QuickBooks error code 6150, -1006 when opening company files:

While working on your QuickBooks accounting software, you might be interrupted by some or the other error. In this segment, we will be getting in detail about the QuickBooks error code 6150 1006. Well, this is basically an error that can be seen when you aren’t able to open the company file. It might appear on the screen with an error message that says:

Error“An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to create, open, or use the company file. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Intuit Technical Support and provide them with the following error codes: (-6150 and -1006). We are sorry. QuickBooks couldn’t open your company file. We’ll try to fix the problem. Click start to begin. If the problem continues, contact support for assistance and report error code: (-6150, -1006)”.
QuickBooks error code 6150, -1006 - Image

If you are interested in chucking off the QuickBooks error 6150 manually, then we would highly recommend you to go through this segment carefully. Whereas, if you need our experts to fix this error permanently for you, then get on a call with us and our accounting professionals will ensure to provide you with the best possible support services immediately.

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A Brief Insight Into the QuickBooks Error 6150, -1006

While creating, working, or opening the company file in QuickBooks, you might encounter QuickBooks error 6150, -1006. After encountering the error, you might encounter frequent crashes of Windows and the QuickBooks software.

What Provokes the QuickBooks Error 6150 1006?

Well, the below factors can possibly instigate the QuickBooks error 6150 1006. Let us explore together:

  • One of the major factors can be corrupted installation of the QuickBooks accounting software.
  • You might also come across such an error if the company file is corrupted or infected with virus.
  • If there is damaged or corrupted company file, then it might trigger the issue.
  • Also, if the system is infected with cryptowall virus.
  • In case you are trying to open a portable file (.qbm) without opening the QuickBooks accounting software.
  • When you make an attempt to open a portable file without opening QuickBooks, you might end up in such an error.
  • If you are trying to save the QuickBooks Macintosh file while using the QuickBooks for Windows, then you might encounter this type of error.

Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 6150

Identifying QuickBooks error 6150, -1006 is not that difficult. The error code generally appears during the installation period, or while running the installation program while restarting or shutting down the Windows. We have jotted down a few of the signs that might help the QB users to identify the error 6150 -1006.

  • The very first symptom can be when the system slows downs or do not respond to the keyboard inputs.
  • Another sign when the system hangs for a few seconds or minutes.
  • If you encounters a pop-up on the screen and the window program crashes.
  • When the error code 6150 1006 pops up on the screen.

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Effective Methods to Uproot the QuickBooks Error 6150 1006

Underneath scribbled methods can be a little supportive in chucking off the QuickBooks error 6150 1006 successfully.

Method 1: Create QuickBooks Desktop Company File

Well, you can make a company file in QuickBooks, by performing the steps below:

  • Start with launching the QuickBooks software.
  • Further, head to the no company open window and hit on create a new company.
No company file open windows - Screenshot
  • Now, pick from the express start or detailed start option.
Express start - Screenshot

Detailed Start

  • For this, you need to cater the information on the easy step interview screen and choose next.
  • Moreover, choose the industry and hit next.
  • Go for the type of business entity and hit on the next option.
  • Set the fiscal year’s first month and hit next again.
  • You need to now opt for the QuickBooks admin password and hit next tab.
  • Go for the location where you wish to store the company file.
  • And hit save.
  • Next, to customize your QuickBooks, your should choose to leave.

Express Start

  • Herein, you need to type in the information required in the QuickBooks setup window.
  • Further, opt for the create company tab.
  • You need to now start creating the customers, chart of accounts and services,s or start working directly.

Method 2: Check for Cryptowall

  • In this particular method, you would first have to advance to the Windows start tab.
  • Furthermore, type in ‘file explorer’ in the search bar.
  • Open the file explorer.
  • And look for and open QuickBooks folder.
  • You would now have to look for the files that have decrypt or instructions.
  • If you found the file, then reach out to the antivirus provider, and ask them to eradicate the cryptowall virus.

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Method 3: Getting a Backup of the Company File


Well, this is another effective method in this list, that you can perform so as to chuck off the issue. After you convert a company file to a later version of QuickBooks, you might not be able to use open it in previous version. This is where it is important to take a backup and restore it.

  • Start off by heading to the QuickBooks file menu and hit on the open or restore company.
  • You need to now choose open or restore a backup copy and hit next.
  • Go for local backup and Hit next.
  • Pick the location of the file from the dropdown.
  • Choose backup file and hit a click on open and hit next.
  • You need to now, opt for the location where you wish to restore the file from the save in drop down.
  • Type a file name in the given field and save as type field will populate QuickBooks files.
  • Hit save tab and also pay heed to the onscreen instructions before the process of restoration starts.
  • In final step you need to hit on the save tab and pay heed to the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

Method 4: Use Auto Data Recovery


Auto data recovery is a tool developed by Intuit that can help you in repairing the QB company file. It should be noted that the process is quite lengthy and can take a few days or so. The catch here is that you will not be able to use the QuickBooks software, till the time the process continues.

  • Under this process, you would simply have to have the Auto data recovery tool, and you would be successfully able to get back your data during the Data loss.
  • And in case you don’t have it, you would have to seek for immediate assistance from some professionals.

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Method 5: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

  • If the error message is linked to the File extension of the company file, then in such case you are required to consider changing the File extension and then save the company file with a proper extension.
  • Then, you are required to authenticate whether the Company file is opening on any other device or not.
  • Also, re-install the QuickBooks software, in case the file is not Up-to-date.
  • You have to Save the QuickBooks for Macintosh in Mac system and not in the Windows based system.
  • Lastly, perform a proper antivirus update before opening the company file, in order to avoid the error.

Method 6: Leverage the Benefits Offered by the File Doctor Tool

If none of the above methods serve your purpose, the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool may come in handy. Sail your boat through the following directions to use the tool for fixing the error 6150 in QuickBooks.

  • In the inception, you need to download & set up the QuickBooks Doctor File Tool.
  • Opt for the open the Tools hub option followed by choosing the Company File Issues option.
QuickBooks File Doctor tool - Screenshot
  • Now, pick the option labeled as Run QuickBooks file doctor program.
  • Pick your company file and tap on Continue.
  • type in your QB credentials; viz, username, and admin password.
  • Finally, pick the Next option to initiate the process.
  • The tool will, by itself, identify any issues, and later on, fix them instantly.

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Summing Up!

By now, you might be able to make the best use of the above steps in getting rid of the QuickBooks error code 6150, 1006. However, as always, if you have any query, comments, or concerns, call us immediately at our helpline number i.e., 1-800-615-2347.

We are a hub of technocrats, who work round the clock to provide the best possible QuickBooks error support services. So, do not hesitate in calling us anytime and seeking for assistance!


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