QuickBooks has evolved over the years to prove its effectiveness amongst leading business enterprises across the globe. It has been facilitating accountants in the seamless processing of their company operations. A noteworthy add-on in this impeccable software is that it allows easy access to the bank account and all the bank-related information without any hassle. In the midst, multiple users of this program have reported QuickBooks error 179 when trying to access their bank account through QuickBooks during the backup process.

If you are encountering the same error and want its quick resolution, just go through the full length of this article as it encapsulated the causes of this error and the multiple solutions that can help in fixing it. So, read on till the end!

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What is QuickBooks Error 179 and Why It Occurs?

This error notification can either be seen when accessing bank account (logging in) through QuickBooks or during the backup attempt. In the latter instance, while taking a back of the data, the error message states “Error Code 179 During Backup forcing Rebuild”. The error message suggests that the user need to go for the rebuild tool for resolving the data integrity issues maligning the company file.

Causes that may bring about QuickBooks error code 179

The major causes behind this annoying error are earmarked below:

  • Wrong login details entered repeatedly when logging in to QuickBooks
  • Trying to log into the same bank account through different QuickBooks accounts.  
  • Too much accumulation of cache and temporary files
  • Opting for an incorrect bank may also contribute to such banking issues.
  • If there is a problem with the user’s internet connection or firewall settings

By identifying the root cause of the error, the user can take the necessary steps to resolve the issue and prevent it from recurring in the future.

Easy identification of Error 179 in QuickBooks – Major Signs and Symptoms

There are certain symptoms that give implication of this banking error in QuickBooks. These include:

  • All the efforts of downloading bank-related information and ancillary data go futile.
  • A prompt appears on the screen which recommends rebuilding the company file.
  • There may be a high possibility that there are details missing in certain transactions. There can also be a possibility that the specific transaction is deleted.
  • Null values are automatically filled up when modifying important fields.
  • QuickBooks experiences repeated freezing or crashing issues when logging in to the bank account.

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Easy Troubleshooting Methods for QuickBooks Rebuild Error 179

Error code 179 in QuickBooks, representing a missing bank transactions, or backup related issue can be annihilated by performing the following methods:

Method 1: Remove the Browsing Data

The first viable method for resolving the current issue involves deleting the recent browsing data. The steps for the same are discussed as follows:

  • Open the Web browser and head to the Settings tab.
  • Within Settings, head to More Tools.
  • The next step requires users to click on the Delete Browsing Data option.
  • Users should make sure to place a checkmark beside the following:
    • Browsing history
    • Cookies.
    • Cached files.
    • Temporary Files
  • Once done with that, hit on the option to Clear Browsing Data.
delete all the cookies and temporary internet files in the browser
  • Finally, navigate to QuickBooks and again try to access the bank account through QuickBooks. 

Method 2: Making use of the QuickBooks File Doctor using tools hub program

In case wherein Error 179 is a result of issues when backing up the company files, in such cases, using the QuickBooks File doctor can prove to be a good remedy to fix the error. The tool can be accessed only from the Tool Hub program. The steps below will aid you:

  • Begin by downloading the QuickBooks Tool Hub from the website of Intuit.
  • Follow up with the installation of the tool, and open it.
  • Now, move to the Company issues tab and choose the Run QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
QB File Doctor - Image
  • Browse the company file which shows up the ongoing error code while backing up.
  • If this does not fix the error, the using the Rebuild tool can be effective (explained in the next method).

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Method 3: Rebuild the Company file

To go for the rebuild process, implement the steps below:

  • Users can employ Rebuild data feature to troubleshoot data integrity problems compromising the company file.
  • This requires, going for the File menu, and scroll to the Utilities section.
  • Then, go with the Rebuild Data option.
  • Now, browse the file to proceed with the rebuild process.
  • When the process finishes, users can verify its effectiveness by using the verify data tool in the Utilities option.
  • If all goes well, the data integrity issues wont reappear. This will directly fix Error code 179 in QuickBooks.

Method 4: Update the Bank

  • To start off, access QuickBooks.
  • After that, choose the Tools tab.
  • Next, select Online Center and make sure to choose the Correct bank.
  • After that, press Ctrl and F3 keys simultaneously.
  • Return to the Online Centre now, and from the list of choices, choose Contact Info.
  • If the bank is incorrectly chosen, then click on the option to change the Financial Institution.
  • Users are required to click on the Update/Send option.
  • Soon after, users will be prompted to enter their credentials.
  • Type in the credentials correctly to update the bank successfully.
  • Finally, make an exit from QuickBooks and retry logging in with the updated bank account.
  • Hopefully, the ongoing error should be sorted out by now.

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Method 5: Resolving the Windows registry

  • In the onset, from the Start tab and after that, type in command
  • The following action is to open the black box and type regedit.
Type regedit on Run box - Screenshot
  • The user should next search for the key associated with error 179; once found, save the key information.
  • Next, the user must create a file and give it a name.
  • Once located, click on the file and then choose the option to Export the file.
Use Registry Editor - Screenshot
  • Following that, chose the location to save the backup key and then save the file.
  • Now, make an attempt to log in to QuickBooks and then to the bank account via QuickBooks. 

Method 6: Deactivate and reactivate online banking

Here are the steps to deactivate and reactivate online banking in QuickBooks:

  • Initially, open your QuickBooks and go to the Banking menu.
  • After that select the bank account that you want to Deactivate.
  • Hit a click on the Edit icon in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Go to the Bank Feed tab and select Deactivate Bank Feed.
Deactivate all online services - Image
  • Now hit a click on Yes to confirm that you want to deactivate the bank feed.
  • And then close and reopen the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Go to the Banking menu and select Add Account.
  • Search for your bank and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to your bank.
  • Once the account is successfully connected, you can set up bank rules and begin downloading transactions.
downloading transactions - Image

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Method 7: Remove Temporary Internet Files

The browser used for accessing QuickBooks should be checked for excess accumulation of temporary and cache files.

  • For this, all that needs to be done is to make take a stride to the Settings menu and from there, go to the Privacy tab.
  • Herein, choose the Time Range and mark the Cookies, Site Data, and Cached Images and Files.
  • Upon check-marking all of them, proceed with the deletion of these files.
  • The process is almost same for other browsers as well. If this does not help, try using the Incognito mode for accessing QuickBooks.

Summing Up!

This article contained multiple avenues of fixing QuickBooks error code 179. Users face a wide range of other banking errors while working on QuickBooks. If you are a victim of ancillary online banking errors, then just connect with our QuickBooks online support team over the helpline number i.e., +1-800-615-2347. Our support team will be happy to assist you!


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