Small and medium-sized businesses have embraced QuickBooks desktop to simplify their bookkeeping and accounting processes. Like any other piece of software, QuickBooks has drawbacks. Sometimes, technical difficulties arise, making it impossible to complete critical work or forcing you to push back deadlines. There might be a wide variety of causes for errors in this all-encompassing program. To help you Resolve QuickBooks Script Error, we’ve included the information below.

QuickBooks Script Error

A script error is one of the most puzzling issues you may face while opening your QuickBooks company file. A script error in QuickBooks will show an ambiguous error message without any context for figuring out what went wrong. In this post, we’ll go over the top troubleshooting actions you can take in QuickBooks if you’re experiencing script errors and are sick of seeing those pesky error messages. To get the whole picture of the QuickBooks Script error and how to fix it, read the article through to the conclusion, where we describe the error in-depth and provide a list of potential solutions.

Resolve QuickBooks Script Error

This error might be particularly frustrating if it pops up while trying to get your regular work done. When you try to open a file associated with your business, this error message will often appear. Unlike most other types of errors, script errors have no discernible source and often appear out of nowhere. An error with the page’s script could cause a page’s failure to load when you try to access a file or utilize the QuickBooks application.

Please understand that this is a harmless error that in no way compromises the page’s integrity. Any data you have in QuickBooks is safe against a script error. QuickBooks employs Internet Explorer’s connection settings by default; thus, these issues often arise when working online.

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Symptoms of QuickBooks Script Error

The following events may occur on your device if you are experiencing the script error and are indicative of the error:

  1. Internet Explorer becomes unstable and sluggish if you use it for any prolonged period.
  2. QuickBooks cannot access the internet if it is not allowed through Windows Firewall.
  3. QuickBooks’ interface deteriorates to the point where it’s a chore to use.
  4. No longer able to get QuickBooks Desktop updates.
  5. Browser timeout messages arise frequently.

Causes of QuickBooks Script Error

Any number of diverse causes can set off a QuickBooks desktop script issue. We have noted some of the most apparent causes of this error below:

1.       Bringing in an invoice with accounts that don’t match your assets or payables.

2.       You’re using an already taken account name and number.

3.       A corrupted Window user is a possible cause of QuickBooks script issues.

4.       There may be errors with your QuickBooks data file.

5.       Scripting issues are a likely result of using Active X components.

6.       A virus or other malicious software has infected your computer.

7.       If script debugging is turned on, you may also encounter such an error.

QuickBooks script errors are typically caused by the browser preferences you have set up. Since Internet Explorer is QuickBooks’ default browser, you may run into issues loading or using some websites directly from the program.

How to Fix QuickBooks Script Error?

Method 1: Disabling QuickBooks Script Error Alerts

Before beginning the fix, you must disable alerts for QuickBooks script errors.

  • Start by going to Internet Explorer’s Tools menu.
  • Then, select the Advanced tab under Internet Options.
Advanced Tab Screenshot
  • Then, deselect the checkbox next to Show a message “Display a notification about every script error“.
  • Finally, select OK to commit your changes. 

Method 2: Remove all SSL Certificates from Internet Explorer

If you want to implement this fix on Internet Explorer, you’ll need to delete the SSL certificates. How to do so is outlined in detail below:

  • Click the Settings icon and then click Internet preferences.
Clear SSL State
  • Select the Content menu, then click the Clear SSL state button.
  • Click OK to commit your changes permanently.

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Method 3: Turning off IE add-ons

In addition to reinstalling, I.E., deactivating Add-ons is another possible solution to the script issue in QuickBooks. To proceed, please read the following:

  • For Internet options in IE, click the Tools menu.
  • Under the Programs menu, select Manage Add-ons.
Manage Add ons
  • Following the above procedures, select the Add-on option and click the Disable add-on performance notifications tab.
Disable the Add ons in the Internet Explorer
  • Select the OK button and close Internet Explorer.

Method 4: Checking the scripting that is currently active and then removing Active X

  • When Internet Explorer’s security is set to its highest setting, Active X controls are disabled. Instead, please refer to the quick guide below:
  •  Launch the browser and navigate to the Settings menu if you’re using Internet Explorer.
  • Pick the Tools menu item, and then navigate to the Security submenu.
  • Find the ActiveX controls and plug-ins option under the Custom Level menu.
Verifying the active scripting and then uninstalling the ActiveX Screenshot
  • Select the Default tab and then click the OK button.

Method 5: Uninstall the ActiveX File In Internet Explorer

ActiveX files can be removed from your computer by accessing Internet Explorer’s settings menu.

  • Click the Settings menu item.
  • Click the tab labeled “View objects” next.
  • Verify that you have checked all ActiveX components.
  • Look for files with names beginning with qboax, such as qboax11.dll.
  • You must also ensure that all instances of Internet Explorer under Windows are closed and the file is removed from the computer.

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Method 6: Reset Microsoft Internet Explorer or your default browser’s cache.

Cache file accumulation is another possible cause of this QuickBooks error. To remove these files from your browser, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Launch your copy of Internet Explorer.
  • Choose the Tools menu item.
  • Following that, select the General tab by going to the Internet Options menu.
  • Pick the Delete tab after looking at your history.
Clearing cache data folder of Microsoft Internet Explorer or the default browser
  • Cookies, site data, history, and temporary internet files should all have checkmarks next to them.
checkmark the Cookies and website data, history & temporary internet files
  • You can complete the procedure by selecting Apply and clicking OK.

Method 7: Resetting Internet Explorer as the default browser

QuickBooks isn’t opening in your default browser, which may not be Internet Explorer. Errors in the script could also occur as a result of this. For this reason, you should make Internet Explorer your default browser.

  • Simply launching Internet Explorer will not make it the default browser.
  • When the browser is ready, select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced.
  • Then, select the “Advanced” menu item.
Reset settings of the internet explorer
  • Click the Reset to default button, then Apply, and finally, OK to finish.
  • Simply comply with the steps below to make Internet Explorer your primary browser:
  • At the outset, start Internet Explorer.
  • After that, click “Settings.”
  • Go to the tab labeled “Program.”
  • To make Internet Explorer the default browser, go to the “Make Default” menu item and select the “Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default web browser” option.
Resetting the default browser to Internet explorer
  • If you want detailed guidance, go with that choice.
  • After that, you should use Internet Explorer as your default browser.
  • Check that the script issue has been resolved once you’re done.

Final words

We have seen above the ways to Troubleshoot “QuickBooks Script Error.” By default, QuickBooks use Internet Explorer’s connection settings, which can be a source of script issues. Script issues manifest in QuickBooks Desktop if JavaScript or VB Script fails to install correctly or Internet Explorer cannot execute these scripting languages for whatever reason. To fix the script error in QuickBooks, you just need to reset the settings in Internet Explorer, which doesn’t take much time.

We trust that the workarounds mentioned above helped resolve the QuickBooks desktop script issues you were experiencing. However, please contact the QuickBooks error support team if the error persists after trying these methods.

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