Solution of QuickBooks Error Code 12057

Step 1. Configure your computer’s internet settings.

Shut down or exit QuickBooks Open or launch Internet Explorer

  • Access Internet Options under Tools
  • Select Advanced Now. Scroll down in the Security group.
  • Click the “Check for server certificate revocation” and “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” buttons to remove the checkmark.
  • the QuickBooks Connectivity issue Code Error 12057
  • Reopen Internet Explorer after closing it
  • Reduce the size of Internet Explorer
  • Reopen the QuickBooks program.
  • Try updating payroll once more.

After completing the procedures mentioned above, check the internet connection outside of QuickBooks by opening a web browser or visiting a website you don’t frequently visit. If you cannot view a website or web page, your Internet connection is the source of the issue, not QuickBooks.

  • If you can see the website, take the following actions:
  • First, go to QuickBooks’ “Help” menu and select “Internet Connection Setup.”
  • When this application connects to the Internet, select “Use my computer’s Internet connection settings” to create a connection. Choose “Next
  • Advanced Connection Settings‘ should be visited. Select “Advanced.”
  • Make sure the Use “SSL 2.0” & Use “SSL 3.0” choices are chosen by going to the “Security group.
  • Select “OK.” Choose “Done
  • Check your firewall and internet security settings.

Step 2: Correct your system date and time

  • Take QuickBooks desktop away.
  • Click “Clock and Region” in the “Control Panel” after opening it.
  • Change the time and date by clicking it.
  • Screenshot of Windows Data and Time Settings
  • Launch QuickBooks, then try Payroll Update once more.

Step 3: Install Microsoft and QuickBooks Updates

  1. Shut down any QuickBooks-related software.
  2. Close down QuickBooks
  3. Update the “Microsoft Windows Operating System
  4. If your computer doesn’t restart automatically when the installation is complete, click “Restart” manually.
  5. Launch QuickBooks, then select “Help.”
  6. Update QuickBooks desktop” should be chosen.
  7. Screenshot 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop
  8. Check the box next to “Yes, enable QuickBooks Automatic Updates” on the “Options” page.
  9. Select the “Update Now” tab after clicking “Mark All,” then click “Get Updates.”
  10. QuickBooks Update via Main Menu – Screencap
  11. Await the conclusion of updates.
  12. After the updates are installed, quit QuickBooks.

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