Are you exasperated due to the recurrence if Unrecoverable errors in your copy of QuickBooks Desktop? Unrecoverable errors constitute an array of errors that can occur anytime when opening or operating accounting operations in QuickBooks. These errors also tend to appear when accessing the reports or sending transactions. This error is one such unrecoverable errors which has the potential to hamper QB operations, and incite accounting data loss. This error can be extremely annoying in the fast paced business milieu wherein the accounting operation need to be processed seamlessly for accentuating the efficiency and profitability of businesses. To know more about QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error 16052 65777 and the multiple strategies to fix it, make sure to implement the troubleshooting guidelines offered within the purview of this article.

The following error might display on your screen when the error hits on your software.

QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error 16052 65777 - Image

What factors can lead to QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error 16052 65777?

There are a handful of causes that can embolden this unexpected error in QuickBooks. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Accessing reports or transactions in QuickBooks
  • Operation of third-party conflicting programs at the back-end.
  • When starting QuickBooks Desktop, or when performing some specific accounting operations in QuickBooks.
  • Not running the program as an administrator
  • Some recent system change not in consonance with QuickBooks operations.

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Multiple Solutions for easy troubleshooting of QuickBooks Error 16052 65777

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow to resolve these errors:

Solution 1: Accessing QuickBooks as an admin and suppress QuickBooks

The first practicable solution that has worked out in fixing a spate of unrecoverable errors in QuickBooks desktop is to run the accounting program as an administrator. The easy procedure for the same is discussed in forthcoming lines:

  • Check for the QuickBooks icon on the Desktop. If the icon isn’t showing up on the Desktop, then the user needs to proceed by hitting the Start menu and then typing “QuickBooks” in the Search bar.
  • Following that, the subsequent step requires the user to use the mouse right-click on the QuickBooks icon.
  • Subsequent to that, the user should advance further by choosing the Run as Administrator option.
Run your QuickBooks as Administrator - Image
  • It is also advised to go for suppressing of QuickBooks by holding the Ctrl key when opening QuickBooks.
  • Once the accounting program is open successfully, the user should release the Ctrl key. The process will reveal the No Company Open Window.
No company open - Screenshot Image

Solution 2: Terminate the background programs

At times, multiple programs operating in the background could potentially hinder the seamless functioning of QuickBooks and may result in technical deadlocks, resulting in the Unrecoverable Error code 16052 65777. As such, it is recommended that users get all the background programs closed in the background before opening QuickBooks. Also, end the processes related to such programs in the Task Manager, the steps for which are given below:

  • In the first place, the user needs to proceed by pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys altogether. This action shall open the Task Manager.
  • When the Task Manager window has opened, tap on the Process tab and follow up by choosing the processes associated with the suspected conflicting programs.
End QuickBooks Processes - Screenshot
  • Upon choosing each of the processes, the user is required to click on the End process tab.
  • Upon the termination of all the suspected processes, the user can run QuickBooks once again and then proceed with the same set of processes that resulted in the unexpected closure of QuickBooks along with the error message stating such errors.

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Solution 3: Getting the QuickBooks Program Repaired

There can be multiple reasons that could trigger the unrecoverable error in QuickBooks Desktop. One of the major factors includes a damage/corruption of the QuickBooks Desktop files due to emergence of viruses, or sudden system shutdown due to a power failure. In such instances, it is suggested that users repair QuickBooks and if that doesn’t fix the snag, then go for the clean install process for QuickBooks Desktop. The steps are:

  • The initial step requires accessing the Control Panel upon clicking on the Start menu.
  • The subsequent process involves clicking on the Programs and Features tab.
Programs and Features option
  • Upon navigating into the tab, the user shall observe a long list of installed programs. Herein, scroll down and look for QuickBooks, or simply click on any random program from the list and then hit the “Q” keyboard key. This will navigate you to the installed programs starting with the letter Q, including QuickBooks.
  • Now, proceed by hitting on QuickBooks and then clicking on the Uninstall/Change tab.
Repair QuickBooks POS - Screenshot Image
  • Following that, hit on the Repair tab and proceed with the onscreen instructions to culminate the Repair process.
  • Follow up with a system restart and then launch QuickBooks again.

Solution 4: Perform a System Restore

A recent system change could also provoke QuickBooks unrecoverable error code 16052 65777. To get this fixed, the user should mandatorily go for a system restore to nullify the chances of any recent change in the system that provoked the unrecoverable error. The process is enunciated below:

  • In the inception, the user is required to hit on Windows button on the keyboard and then follow up by typing “restore”. Click on System Restore.
System Restore Point in Windows
  • Soon after, follow up by choosing a restore point. It is recommended to choose a recent point which you suspect of having tampered with the functionalities of QuickBooks.
Create a System Restore - Image
  • Upon choosing the restore point, proceed with the on-screen instructions and get the system restored to the earlier period.

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Solution 5: Fixing system date and time

Although incorrect system date and (or) time is not generally associated with the QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error, the same may provoke the unrecoverable error. The steps of fixation of the date/time are:

  • Hover the mouse pointer on the date and time section at the bottom-right corner of the screen on the Taskbar.
  • Now, proceed by right-clicking and choosing the Adjust date/time option.
System Date and Time Settings - Image
  • Herein, make the necessary corrections to the date and time and also correct the Time Zone.
  • Hit on Apply, and then culminate by clicking on Ok tab.

Winding up!

That culminates our discussion on QuickBooks unrecoverable Error 16052 65777, which included the various causes and troubleshooting methods to fix this error. If you come across any technical dead-stops in QuickBooks, our team of QuickBooks error support professionals is always available at the back-end to assist you. Just give us a call at 1-800-615-2347 and let our executives aid you through.


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