Learn how to fix Error 12159 when downloading payroll or QuickBooks updates:

Users notice the QuickBooks Error Code 15212 while trying to update their payroll software or their QuickBooks desktop. Typically, this particular issue comes up when the update installation does not complete properly or there is a wrong installation. Later, this can result in more issues in the operations of your QB software. To note, Intuit is very particular about releasing the latest updated versions of their QuickBooks software and the Payroll software. This is valuable to the users in getting the right error resolutions on time while operating the software for their company operations/transactions.

In some of these updates, Intuit offers additional applications and features. When they integrate with the QuickBooks software, users experience a more responsive and optimized performance. So, users need to learn to resolve QuickBooks error code 15212 perfectly. Thus, you must have an active payroll subscription for your QuickBooks account first.

Reasons for QuickBooks payroll error code 15212

The following are the main reasons for the appearance of the QuickBooks error code 15212.

  • The subscription to the QuickBooks and(or) Payroll software is inactive.
  • There are restrictive settings available in the personal firewall and other Antivirus software installed on your PC. This stops the new updates from downloading or automatically installing.
  • Some users install more than one QuickBooks software like QuickBooks premier edition and QuickBooks enterprise edition. Both working simultaneously hinders the proper installation of updates.

The main reason behind the appearance of the QuickBooks error code 15212 on payroll or QB software is if the update does not load as intended. So, find the main reason for the issue you are facing first. Follow the below-given methods mentioned carefully and then download the update. In case you need additional help, you can reach out to the professionals offering customer support.

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How the QuickBooks Error Code 15212 shows up on the screen?

You need to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 15212 if you notice one of the following messages on screen. These are signs for Error Codes 15212 or 12159 in the software; take appropriate action quickly afterward.

Error 15212 The payroll update did not complete successfully. Please try again. You must successfully download the update by the deadline displayed in the Get Updates window.

With this, users get the prompt to download their pending updates directly from the Get Updates option on the screen. One must complete it within the set time limit.

Error 15212 The QuickBooks update did not complete successfully.
Error 15212 The payroll update did not complete successfully. The location for the shared download is not accessible.

This prompt comes up if the proper ‘Shared download‘ location you mention cannot be reached. Incorrect mapping or restrictive entry to the drive causes this.

Basic Methods for Resolving the QuickBooks Error Code 15212

In the context of resolving QuickBooks Error Code 15212, follow the given steps carefully.

  • Update your QuickBooks software version. Check if your updated version of QuickBooks is the latest one.
  • If not, do not manually through the “Help” section.
  • Pick the “Update QuickBooks” option and access the “Options“.
Update QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot Image 1
  • In the case of Shared Download, select “No“, then “Save“. Shut it down through the “Close” prompt.
  • Download the QuickBooks update.

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Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 15212

The followings are the different methods in order to resolve the QuickBooks payroll error 15212:

Method No. 1: Manually download the recent QuickBooks update

Before beginning this process, make sure that the recent QuickBooks desktop update is in place on your system. If not, refresh the finance programming module of QuickBooks efficiently.

  • Open the “Help” option and click on the QuickBooks update options.
  • Then, access the “Options”.
  • The prompt for “Manual Download” would appear. Choose “No” at this point and go to “Next”.
Update QuickBooks Desktop - Image 1
  • After this, save your settings and click on the “Close” button.
  • Download the update of the recent software version again.

Method No. 2: Map the Network Drive

You can restart your system again or remap to the drives of your system via the information records. To resolve QuickBooks error code 15212, follow the given step to remap the system.

  • Restart the framework you are utilizing.
  • Then, you have to begin mapping all of the data files for drive arrangement.
  • Go to the “File” guide and select “Start“. Then, press on “PC” and click on “Computer“. Thereafter, choose the “Map Network Drive” option.
Map Network Drive - Image
  • The “Data Record” would appear which you must select. Do so when the prompt for choosing a file appears while refreshing your Payroll software.
  • After this remapping process completes, restart your framework one more time. Review to see if you fixed the errors.

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Method No. 3: Update the QuickBooks from the Help Menu

If you notice the QuickBooks Error Code 15212 is still visible, commence with the following steps.

  • Access your software and verify whether the recent QuickBooks version is refreshed or not.
  • Open the “Help” section and choose the “Update QuickBooks” choice.
Update QuickBooks desktop to Latest - Image
  • Following this, open the “Options”. Snap “No” when the prompt for shared download comes up.
  • Refresh your software multiple times.

Method No. 4: Proceed with the uninstallation and re-installation of QuickBooks Desktop

  • Begin the process by heading to the Control Panel. It can be accessed from the Start menu.
  • Subsequently, move to the Program and features tab.
  • From the list of programs, find and choose the QuickBooks version currently running on your computer.
  • Opt for the QB version and then hit on Uninstall.
Uninstall or Reinstall QuickBooks - Image
  • Follow up by hitting on Remove.
  • Restart your PC after the uninstall procedure is finished.
  • Download a brand-new version of QB Desktop.
  • Follow all on-screen instructions in their entirety before hitting on Next tab.
  • Provide the necessary product and license number.
  • Now, open QB Desktop once the installation is complete. Verify that the error has been resolved satisfactorily.

Method No. 5: Download the Update in Safe Mode

  • Press on Windows Button.
  • Press the Shift key, press on the Power icon, choose restart and click it.
  • A blue window will show.
  • Select Troubleshoot. Now click on the Advanced options.
  • After selecting Startup settings, start again. The system will turn off and turn on again.
  • Now select the option Enable Safe Mode with networking.
Safe mode with networking - Screenshot
  • Press on the power icon that is present on the sign-in page.
  • Now click on a particular QuickBooks icon and choose to Run as Administrator.
  • Press on the Help menu and click on update QuickBooks Desktop.
Update QuickBooks desktop to Latest - Image
  • Click on the Options Tab, choose Mark All, and then save a click.
  • Navigate to the Update now option and click Reset Update Checkbox.
  • Select Get updates and close QuickBooks.
  • Now, restart the particular system.

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What to do if the error code 15212 still keeps bothering you?

If you are still facing issues while trying to resolve QuickBooks error code 15212, access the 24×7 QuickBooks error support helpdesk. The experts available would assist in identifying the main error cause and rectifying it.


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